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Karen N.

I love these blushes!!! One of the best drugstore brand. The pigmentation is incredible. The staying power is long lasting. However you must not have a heavy hand unless you have too much product on your cheeks. A little bit goes a long way.

Holly K.
A fantastic blush for a great price

This blush is fantastic. It’s a gorgeous color that looks great on my pale skin. It lasts from the time I apply it to the time I take my makeup off at night. It’s very pigmented as well. You just have to tap your brush over it once and apply and that is usually enough. If you use it lightly, it’s very easy to blend out to get a natural looking flush to your cheeks. If you use too much it’s very difficult to blend out. I have to take my powder, apply it over the blush, and then blend like crazy. That’s my only complaint though and that is easily avoided.

Cynthia  R.

I got this blush because of the great reviews I'd heard about it. Believe me when I say it did not disappoint! One tiny tap is enough, and the pigmentation is crazy good :)

Michele C.
Beautiful natural blush!

This matte dusty rose colored blush gives the appearance of a really healthy beautiful blush to the cheeks. Extremely affordable and really is a beautiful shade for people of all skin tones! Love it! Definitely my go to blush!

Meg M.
Heather Silk

This blush is amazing. Perfect for all skin tones. And matte. It stays all day. And if you are fair like me this blush will last you forever. You seriously need the littlest amount. It's incredibly pigmented. Just a little tap in the product is all you need. And it will keep you looking gorgeous all day long.

Alejandra A.
theee best

this is a amazing blush and it is really cheap too this product is really matt and sayd on a long time it really is amazing for the price

Emma Kirstine K.
OMG! shocked !

i just got this today. i have for long time wanted to try out a matte blusher, so i decided to go for a cheap one, in case it wasn't for me. The Heather Silk might just have a little hint of shimmer in the pan, but on my face there's no shimmer what so ever. This pink is true Barbie-ish, but gives an amazing natural flush on my fair-skintone... i am in love with this, and for spring i can't pick a better color, this is -hands down- amazing ! the cheapest matte blusher i could find, and OMG the pigmentation ! - only dip the tip of your brush ever so gently, because this little awesome guy is soooo sooo sooo pigmented, and gives true color pay-off... having this in my makeup-bag i don't need any high-end cheekproduct, because it doesn't get any better than this one ! i really recommend trying this out ! <3 lots of love, xo xo EmmaLou

Breanna D.

This blush is so nice! It is seriously SOO pigmented. It's the first one I've ever bought myself, so I was horrified the first time I tried it when I put way too much on. But now that I understand how to use it, I love it.

Tammy J.
WOC Friendly

If you are a darker complected WOC then I reccommend Heather Silk and Mellow Wine those are two blushes that I would recommend to everyone and Heather silk can almost be a dupe for MAC Desert rose, its just slightly darker.

Clara S.
Awesome :)

I love this blush! i have it in heather silk,It's VERY pigmented and the color is Very beautiful but the only thing is there so pigmented that it's hard to make it wearable for my skin tone / age .