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I see all these good reviews of this mascara here and it makes me think.. do we have the same product? My Rimmel Extra Wow Lash mascara looks identical to the one pictured here above, EXCEPT mine is red where it is purple in the picture. I live in Norway, so maybe this is another formula? Anyways, this mascara is by far the worst mascara I've bought. It does so very little.. The product itself is messy and not impressive. It does NOT hold a curl, at all. It gave very little definition to my lashes.. There's a slight definition, but it does not hold the curl so the lashes go straight down, and that does not look good at all. That way it doesn't give the effect of opening up the eyes, like mascara is SUPPOSED to. And finally, there was little to no volume with this mascara. I am very disappointed in this product. To be fair though, I bought it because it was one of the cheapest mascaras I had come across, and I guess I got what I paid for. The only good thing I can say about this mascara is that it was easy to remove.

Soft, blends in right away, medium to full coverage

I am really happy I bought my lancome idole teint ultra 24 hr foundation, mine is in the shade 02 Lys Rose. And although this is a tad darker than what I would go for (I'm quite pale) I find that it is easy to work around. Although this is a LIQUID foundation, it is not runny at all. It goes on so smoothly, it blends in like a dream. What surprised me is that it stays matte for at least 6 to 8 hours. After that it may get a little oily, but that differs for each person! I have combination skin, I have really dry periods and quite oily periods. I have a very oily period now, where my skin just gets disgustingly greasy sometimes during the day. So after about 6 hours with the idole teint ultra foundation on, I do see a small amount of oil. This does not vex me, and it's only a small amount of oil that shows compared to when I used to apply other foundations and I'd end up looking like a greasy mess throughout the day. Overall I am very happy with this product, but I still find that the shade I have is just a little darker than I'd like, so I might repurchase this product but in a lighter shade.

*yawn* I've owned many, many better mascaras than this one.

This mascara is nothing special, and like so many other ads for mascaras on tv and whatnot, it promises TOO MUCH! It promised not to clump, it does, big time. But like I have rated it, it is an average mascara, certainly not the worst I've tried. It does give some volume, but then again, I have owned many other drugstore mascaras (especially by MaxFactor, L'oreal, Maybelline) and many of these have surpassed this mascara in giving volume. So when it comes to giving volume, I find it to be pretty average in that department too. Gives an okay length too. The wand of this brush is COLOSSAL. Well, maybe it's not that behemoth, but it's really THICK. I think some people with smaller eyes and very short, sparse lashes will have problems using this wand : /


Some of these colours are very pigmented, an example is the gold/yellow colour found in "Titan". I have this is "Titan" and "Galaxy" and as these mini quads aren't expensive, I am satisfied with them. But the thing is, only some of the colours are truely pigmented. Others come off as just dull colours, with too much shimmer in them. That's another thing, for people who don't like shimmer, or just don't like too much of it, this is not a product for you. Staying power is decent, as long as you use a primer. I am content with this product. It's not the best, but I give it a rating of average.


I personally love this mascara, I have had it before, and my mother has currently bought one for herself. To me, it really does what it says it will do, which is DEFINE the lashes. It also gives and incredible amount of length, and volume. But mainly length. I actually like this brush, maybe because I haven't seen a mascara brush quite like this one, it can be kind of wobbly when you put it back in the tube, but I think it goes really well on the lashes for some reason. TLDR: I love this mascara, it's great!


I do think the colours of these polishes are lovely, and when they are applied they do look absolutely beautiful. However, you will need at least 2 or maybe even three covers for it to not be transparent. Drying does take longer than what I've experienced with other nail polishes, in addition to this, they chip like crazy (this might just be a main issue with the glitter ones, as they have a much rougher consistency). I am crazy about glitter nail polishes, so that's why I bought only two regular ones (Energy Source and Summertime) and 6 glitter ones (Sparkling Diamonds, Jewel Tone, Goddess, Glistening Purple, Treasure Island, Aqua Crystals) I find that these will not stay on for very long if you do light activity (like housework). These are really cheap, so I guess we can't expect that much of them.

Even though I was a bit disappointed with their quality, once you've applied these nail polishes, they look gorgeous!


These are decent eyeshadows. I recently bought this in "Tease", "Unforgettable" and "Serenade" when I had a L.A colours haul in London. They are decently pigmented, some of the colours are more pigmented than others. I was surprised at how lovely the brown shades in "Unforgettable" are. If you look at the photos that show these eyeshadows being used, you will see my green summer look, in which I used the lovely green eyeshadow from "Tease". So far I am pleased with this, especially because these small eyeshadow palettes are from expensive.

Light, soft and gives a nice coverage

I've soon had this powder for two weeks, as I bought it when I was in London for the first time ever, since we do not have L.A Colours in Norway. So far I really like this powder, it's soft, and gives a fair amount of colour on your skin. I am naturally quite pale so I have this in light ivory, and it suits me very well. It has not seemed to irritate my skin so far, which is also very good, perhaps because it's a mineral pressed powder. If one has the kind of skin that you could just put on some moisturiser and powder on, this could help a lot. I break out often and have very red skin. But ever so often I have those days where my skin looks a lot better, and I haven't broken out in a while. This powder is then also really good to just apply after having moisturised your skin, it will give you somewhat of a light coverage, like a foundation. But it's also good for setting your foundation and fixing whatever red spots your foundation may not have concealed. I am pleased with this product, but I will update this review if it changes my skin in some way.

Pigmented lipsticks that last a long time

I'm really happy with this product, there are many colours to choose from. Reds, a few nudes as well (the rosy ones are really cute). Pinks, about two purple -based colours, and two lipglosses. There's also a crazy magenta colour in this palette that I love. One thing I didn't expect was for these lip colours to last so long, even without a primer, they can stay on for quite some time (provided you don't eat like a pig or drink copious amounts of water). Forgot to say that there are some really bright corals in it too, love it.

I've had mine for about half a year and still haven't run out of a colour, but this is probably something I would repurchase.


Accidentally deleted my first review of this here.

I was impatient, as the sheer one was out of stock, so I got the one in pearl, bad choice. Yes, it makes my eyeshadow stay on for a few hours, but after that it creases heavily. This eyelid primer in pearl is a white, glittery/shimmery shade, the glitter in this might be what gives this primer such an awful, chunky consistensy, must be well blended out.

This eyelid primer in pearl will not be something for girls who love the "nude" natural kind of makeup, especially if they wear it every day or very often, this is because of the chunky glitter in the primer. Definitely a primer intended for the "going out" or party look.

All in all, an OK product, a bit below average really, but definitely not horrible. If you work with it I'm sure it could give a better lasting power, but to me it was disappointing seeing how quickly it creased.

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