L.A. Colors

5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette


Carline C.
i love it

the pink is amazing ugh, but it really cheap $1 ,WHATT?? save money , and it lasts all day, to take it off takes trials lol but i love it and the colors are so bright and pop out, $1.07 well spent

Aferdita N.

These are decent eyeshadows. I recently bought this in "Tease", "Unforgettable" and "Serenade" when I had a L.A colours haul in London. They are decently pigmented, some of the colours are more pigmented than others. I was surprised at how lovely the brown shades in "Unforgettable" are. If you look at the photos that show these eyeshadows being used, you will see my green summer look, in which I used the lovely green eyeshadow from "Tease". So far I am pleased with this, especially because these small eyeshadow palettes are from expensive.

Dallas Lynne S.

I pretty much use this eye shadow palette all the time and I love it! The colors are very vibrant and last throughout the day. I would recommend this to anyone who wants anything to show up great or colorful.

Cassandra W.
Great Colors

I got mine for only $1. It is GREAT for the price. It has decently good color payoff and a great selection. I always use mine with a base. It helps them stay in place and be more vibrant. I love these. great for traveling because if they get busted it won't be a great financial loss.

Amanda L.
Think before you buy!

These are hard to pass up. I mean you can find them for about a dollar and the collors look AWESOME.

But I wasn't so impressed.

The color payoff was terrible for me. And bases? No way. The texture of the eyeshadow works horrible over any base I own.

The only way to get the colors to look ANYTHING like they appear, it to try to find a base that will work, or to use them wet and with a base.