Volum' Express® The Rocket™ Washable Mascara


Noemi S.
There's no difference if I don't use it

no volume at all, like nothing, nada, nulla! no lenght (for me that have already long lashes, but still other mascaras do that for me), maybe just a tiny bit, but completely unnoticeable. i'm never going to buy a maybelline mascara in my life probably, waste of money. P.s.:sorry for any mistake, eng is not my first language ;)

Laura D.
Not my favorite mascara!

This mascara didn't give me length and barely any volume. Which volume is what I was looking for. And the waterproof version is NOT waterproof!!!!! I love rubber brushes and I thought it would be my drugstore miracle product but it really wasn't. This mascara isn't good for length or volume I don't know what it's good for....😔

Emily B.

Okay so I saw the 'great' reviews for this so I decided to buy it....HUGE MISTAKE. It isn't volumizing at all and it made my eye lashes feel like needles staving me! I was so uncomfortable!

Abby C.

This is literally my most favorite mascara. Many of the other reviews say that they had issues with it flaking or that it is too hard to get off, but I have never had an issue with that and I have been using this brand for about 4 months. I guess it just varies from person to person!

Melanie P.

So I got this because of the great reviews and it was okay for a while, decent mascara. I get home from school and my under eyes are darker than normal.

I stopped using it but I used it again for thanksgiving(I had put on a very thin mascara before it, just for length) for volume and length and immediate contact made my lashes very clumpy and very flaky. I am not going to be using it again haha

Kenna  S.
Love! Everyday mascara!

Not clumpy, sticky, or anything like that. Looks super natural, and waterproof?! Yes please! Absolutely incredible and super affordable! Probably one of my favorite drug store mascaras. Xoxo~ Kenna 💕💎

Charlotte F.

Can we please just take a moment...

This mascara is my holy grail! I previously has the benefit 'there real' mascara and I have to admit I would have the cheaper maybelline product any day.

I can apply as many coats as I feel like and it will not clump. Leaving me with natural looking long, fluttery lashes. A must have in my opinion!

Katie W.

I was really excited to have purchased this mascara because I've only heard good things about it... When I did try it, it didn't fan out my lashes like I would normally prefer but clumped my lashes together.

Sydney  J.
It doesn't clump :)

I love this mascara I use this mascara every day it's super cheap and it gives me super long non-clumpy lashes the down side is that the bush has a little too much mascara on it but that's about it.

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Jessi W.

I've heard mixed reviews about this mascara but I purchased it anyway. I was using the Pumped Up Colossal one before the Rocket. The brush was way too big but it was a good mascara. But with this mascara, I can use it for my upper and lower lashes. My lashes are naturally long but I like to make them longer and give them a little more body. Overall, this mascara does that and it clumps a little. It's worth the price. I would totally repurchase it again!