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I have had this product for a few months. I was very excited when I saw this on ELF's website, I thought to myself "Oh my god, these lashes look so glamorous!" Turns out they don't, they just make you look like a drag queen. (Perhaps I am being too harsh, but that's how they made me look..) Not only that, but when you see that the glue is included you instantly think "Oh, there's glue included, maybe I don't need to get that extra tube of duo that I have to get." WRONG! This glue is, excuse my language, absolute shit! I tried several times to apply these lashes with the glue that came with it, only to fail each and every time. Some other cheap glue by an unknown brand saved the day for me, way to go, elf. If you intend on making glue for a pair of these lashes, try not to make it useless next time?

Now to the lashes themselves, they were of such a drag queen look that it didn't look good on my eyes, no matter how much I trimmed them, it never ended up looking decent. The lash stand is kind of cool, your lashes could just be chillin' there, right before you put them on, they will probably be a decent tool for whenever you have a pair of lashes that you want to reuse, but don't have a specific place for, just place them on that lash applicator and reuse them. The lash applicator is in theory a good idea, and it might make it easier for some to apply these lashes, personally I could go without. I find it just as easy to use my fingers and my tweezer. Perhaps it looks like I've been really harsh and unfair, but this is my honest opinion and I don't see why I should give it any better review than this, I'm not being paid by ELF, and even if I was being paid by them, I would not be able to lie and say that this product is worth the money, because it's not. I paid 3.5 £ for this (I live outside the US), which is a bit more than just 3.5 American dollars, I definitely feel like it was a waste of money for me.


I want to start off by saying that this product has been in my possession for nearly two years now, I love it just as much as the day I got it. It has an amazing range of colours, which is fantastic for us who have great imagination. Some of these colours are really pigmented and vibrant and they can stay on for quite some time, even without a primer. The only thing I don't like about this palette is that the eyeshadows can be a bit powdery, and some of the colours are not all equally pigmented. The yellow one (not one of the shimmery yellow ones) the flat out really yellow colour in this palette, is not that great to work with. To get a good payoff from that colour, you really need to dig in your finger, as supposed to the green ones (beautifully pigmented), where you only need a little of them. Also, the white in this palette was very disappointing, not pigmented at all, you'd have to use a lot of it to even make it look like you had white eyeshadow on the lid, therefore I barely have any left of the white. I might repurchase this, but most likely I'd buy it as a gift to someone.


This, in my opinion is a good product, but I don't understand why people rave about it as if this was the most amazing product ever? For us that owns the product in "milk", we KNOW "milk" will make most colours really stand out, and it really does that, it does what it's supposed to do. What I really like about this product is that, you can put on your eyelid primer and this on top, and it still won't be cakey (given you don't put too much of either). I have found that if you put on too much of this on your eyelids, it will most certainly crease and not look good.

I think this product will be beneficial for women who don't buy the pricier, more pigmented eyeshadows and want vibrant colours, but still have products that don't give much color pay off. All in all, good product, makes most eyeshadows really stand out.


There's nothing really too special about this product. The good thing is it doesn't end up looking really flaky on your skin, even if you put on a bit too much. It has a nice consistency, and you easily pick up a lot of product with your powder brush (maybe a bit too much, might not last you long if you love this product). In general it is a decent pressed powder, but nothing too great or special. It has salicylic acid in it to help prevent acne, I have had this product for some months and I have yet to experience this product fight my acne, or even help it. That being said, I don't believe it has made me break out, I have acne prone skin, but this powder does not seem to trigger any break outs on my part. One thing that annoyed me was that they don't really have this product in that many shades, so it doesn't have a wide range of colours that you can mix and match with. Heck, you might not find this powder in your shade, I didn't. I bought Ivory, thinking this was the whitest (I am naturally pale), but instead of receiving an "Ivory" colour (honestly feel like that's a misuse of the word), I got a powder that had a more "natural" colour to it, with yellow undertones. It is this yellow undertone to the "ivory" colour that annoys me the most, it will not look good on a pale woman with rosy/pink undertones. Therefore, I use this product sparingly, using it only to set my foundation and make my skin look less oily. If used only a little, it won't look too yellow. Average product, not many shades to choose from, will probably not repurchase, unless I end up homeless and that is the only powder I will afford.


For some reason, I had very high hopes for this product, and I was very excited when I first got it. It was honestly a big let down. What I don't like about this product is that it doesn't do much, isn't very usable, and there is also VERY LITTLE product, even for ELF's standards. It is mainly the primer that is the scapegoat here, and it really drags the product down, it could have been so much better. First of all, the primer will not fill in the little lines on your lips, it will lay on top of them and make it look dry (this is why it isn't very usable, you are going to have to do a lot of work beforehand, making sure your lips are moisturised enough for the primer to look good on your lips). Second of all, even if you did a good job at preparing your lips, making sure they were soft and moisturised enough for the primer, it STILL would not do much as for making the colour of your lipstick/lip tint/lipgloss etc stand out. Instead of making the colour of your lipstick stand out, it will wash out the colour. I have tried working with this product and have had it for a few months, and I am still disappointed. I thought the colour was being washed out by this primer because I put on too much, so I tried again, with just a thin layer of the primer on my lips, even when I did this, I got the same result. A dull, washed out colour, it doesn't make it "stand out" whatsoever. However, the plumper is pretty decent. It will burn quite a lot if you put on a few layers, but that doesn't last long. It really is the primer that makes this product inadequate, otherwise it would be much better. I also really like the smell and TASTE of the plumper, it actually smells and tastes like cinnamon, yummy! Not only that, but it functions like any normal plumper would, by making your lips look a bit bigger by irritating the lips, my lips always turn a bright red with this plumper. All in all, good plumper, not so good primer and there is very little product, even for elf.


Alright, I've heard lots of bad things about this product, but I generally find it to be a decent product. One thing I will say though, is that this palette is for girls that LOVE glitter. Some of the colours have really chunky glitters in them, while others have a finer milled glitter in them. I hear a lot about the consistency not being good, because it's not really creamy at all, only if you really dig your finger into one of the colours. The top layer is mostly just glitter, there's barely any cream in them. So yes, I feel it's quite a betrayal how the colours are not that creamy at all, and it's supposedly a glitter CREAM palette! BUT. If you're a person who just generally loves a bit of glitter, or shitloads of it, I say GO FOR IT! I will sometimes use the palette for the glitter over my eyeshadow to just add a little extra to my eyes, and for me, that works. As for how long it stays on, I wouldn't be able to tell, I haven't had the product for more than a week and a half. EDIT: Also, the glitter can be hard to wash off, maybe that's a sign it sticks to your eyelid and stays on? And like any glitter, if you don't control the amount and work with the product, it will be everywhere, EVERYWHERE.

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