L.A. Colors

5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette


Lysette A.
Review: LA Colors 5 eyeshadow palettes

Hello again, Im here to do another product review. I was curious to try the LA Color 5 eyeshadow palette because I saw several reviews on youtube. You can purchased LA colors on line at http://cherryculture.com/index.php or http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/. They run for about 3.99 online. You can also find LA colors at you local dollar store & of course they run for a dollar…. So i tried sereval colors out, i have about nine palettes and it be honest the pigmentation isn’t all that great. I used a primer with these of course and i just don’t find these to be the greatest eyeshadows. They’re very chalky, very hard to spread over your lid and hard to blend. I feel it works better when i use a base like the NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk. Most of these palettes are chalky but for a buck what can you expect. I think once you have used a based like an NYX Jumbo eye pencil it allows you to pack on the color more with this product. Overall, i think this product is just okay once you learn how to maneuver around it. If you tried this product let me know your thoughts and opinions, Thanks for reading….

Shauna M.
I use Ammunition, I have 3 and love it!

I use Ammunition which has white, light gray, darker gray, black, and darker black in it. I got it for only $1.50 and can't complain about the cost or the quality of the makeup itself. I'm 15 and haven't used Mac or anything, but this is my favorite eye shadow. I have three of the in fact because I love it so much. I put the white on first for a base coat and use it to get the "raccoon eye" look, putting black on top and blending it with the greys. It's worked great for me for the past two years :) The only thing I could complain about it the applicator that it comes with and the packaging. The packaging is cheap but works good enough for me, and the brush it comes with works terribly. I just use a different soft brush with it and it's great :D

Brenda X.
Burn on the lids

The eyeshadows are very very pimented, even after to remove the makeup the color keep on your lids. I use five times that palette but I felt my lids burning when I apply, I've never felt burn with another eyeshadow brands, so I don't use it anymore.

Carline C.
i love it

the pink is amazing ugh, but it really cheap $1 ,WHATT?? save money , and it lasts all day, to take it off takes trials lol but i love it and the colors are so bright and pop out, $1.07 well spent

Airiana K.

Okay, im a 15 year old girl and dont have the money to be buying high end makeup so i use la colors like a mad man! but anyway 5 beautifully pigmented colors, (iv never used any major brands so this is strictly my opinion, if you've used mac/sephora/urban decay this may not seem as nice) Theese colors are really nicely pigmented and have a nice soft texture thats easy to use and blend. it last about 3-5 hours WITHOUT a primer, but i have oily eyelids so that may just be me. When i apply it with any primer, even eyeslipsface one dollar primer, it last all day.I used this pallete for homecoming and made a really nice brown-y bronze smokey eye. i got alot of comments and it lasted all homecoming thru dancing sweating and carrying on! ( i apologize for the low quality picture) i highly recommend this to anyone!

Aferdita N.

These are decent eyeshadows. I recently bought this in "Tease", "Unforgettable" and "Serenade" when I had a L.A colours haul in London. They are decently pigmented, some of the colours are more pigmented than others. I was surprised at how lovely the brown shades in "Unforgettable" are. If you look at the photos that show these eyeshadows being used, you will see my green summer look, in which I used the lovely green eyeshadow from "Tease". So far I am pleased with this, especially because these small eyeshadow palettes are from expensive.

Devin-Rose T.
Great prouct especially when paired with a white primer.

For about one dollar you can't go wrong with this. The colors are beautiful and with the help of a white primer it really makes them pop like you wouldn't believe. The powder is soft and smooth and feels great going on. The yellow and orange palette was the first with these colors that I've found that worked beautiful on my skin tone.

Dallas Lynne S.

I pretty much use this eye shadow palette all the time and I love it! The colors are very vibrant and last throughout the day. I would recommend this to anyone who wants anything to show up great or colorful.

Julie S.

its love! i love these i have like 7 of them and some others that are the same brand. perfect if your on a budget i love the green (perfect for brown eyes) but this is my fav by far

Norah D.
I can't believe I paid only a dollar for this!

I adore this little palette. I was shocked when I used it and discovered how pigmented it was. Granted, it's not anywhere near fantastic quality. But, for a dollar I cannot complain at all.