L.A. Colors

5 Color Metallic Eyeshadow Palette


Lisa M.
Good stuff!
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I got this palette at my local Dollar General for $1.50. The pigmentation of these are really good. I think these are great for doing a smokey eye even though I can't do a smokey eye to save my life! These swatches are on my forearm without any base, concealer, foundation, or primer underneath. Good stuff, I think.

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Sherry B.

Great for playing dress up makeup but definitely not photo shoot worthy try some of their other products eyeshadows are a no no!!! stick with other drug store brands for sure!

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Shauna M.
I use Ammunition, I have 3 and love it!

I use Ammunition which has white, light gray, darker gray, black, and darker black in it. I got it for only $1.50 and can't complain about the cost or the quality of the makeup itself. I'm 15 and haven't used Mac or anything, but this is my favorite eye shadow. I have three of the in fact because I love it so much. I put the white on first for a base coat and use it to get the "raccoon eye" look, putting black on top and blending it with the greys. It's worked great for me for the past two years :) The only thing I could complain about it the applicator that it comes with and the packaging. The packaging is cheap but works good enough for me, and the brush it comes with works terribly. I just use a different soft brush with it and it's great :D

Devin-Rose T.
Great prouct especially when paired with a white primer.

For about one dollar you can't go wrong with this. The colors are beautiful and with the help of a white primer it really makes them pop like you wouldn't believe. The powder is soft and smooth and feels great going on. The yellow and orange palette was the first with these colors that I've found that worked beautiful on my skin tone.

Dallas Lynne S.

I pretty much use this eye shadow palette all the time and I love it! The colors are very vibrant and last throughout the day. I would recommend this to anyone who wants anything to show up great or colorful.

Julie S.

its love! i love these i have like 7 of them and some others that are the same brand. perfect if your on a budget i love the green (perfect for brown eyes) but this is my fav by far

Sojourner W.
My First Makeup Products Ever....I Had To Give 5 Stars!

L.A Colors was my most favorite and go-to brand when I was first starting out with makeup. I used all of their palettes because they were cheap and really pigmented for $1 palettes. Even though the pigment in some aren't the best, but I absolutely love these. I mean, let's be honest, most of us have used these L.A Colors palettes. There is a wide variety of colors and the packaging is pretty minial, but hey, they are only a dollar. And by the way, Enchanted has the most beautiful green colors ever! :)

Pros: - Price -Availability - Pigment -Variety

Cons: - Pigment - Packaging

Erika A.
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I know it's crazy but I just wanted to give my self the punched in the eye look and I used L.A. Colors. ROTF. It fooled alot of people and some wanted to jump my husband. LOL But don't worry it's all makeup ladies. I'd shoot a man before he hits me. Hahahahahaha.

Stefani M.
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i definetly havealot of these but not all of them yet. the prices are hard to pass up with such great color payoff. i love this, i use it in my everyday makeup routine since there are bright and neutral colors :D. I just made a video using three palettes from this collection. check it out!

Lisa M.
Surprisingly wonderful!
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I have several of these 5 pan palettes but Wild Flower is by far the best! I got this for $1.50 at my local Dollar General and it is perfect! Super pigmented and bold. The shadows blended easily and lasted all day. No complaints at all.