L.A. Colors

Mineral Pressed Powder


Aferdita N.
Light, soft and gives a nice coverage

I've soon had this powder for two weeks, as I bought it when I was in London for the first time ever, since we do not have L.A Colours in Norway. So far I really like this powder, it's soft, and gives a fair amount of colour on your skin. I am naturally quite pale so I have this in light ivory, and it suits me very well. It has not seemed to irritate my skin so far, which is also very good, perhaps because it's a mineral pressed powder. If one has the kind of skin that you could just put on some moisturiser and powder on, this could help a lot. I break out often and have very red skin. But ever so often I have those days where my skin looks a lot better, and I haven't broken out in a while. This powder is then also really good to just apply after having moisturised your skin, it will give you somewhat of a light coverage, like a foundation. But it's also good for setting your foundation and fixing whatever red spots your foundation may not have concealed. I am pleased with this product, but I will update this review if it changes my skin in some way.