Coastal Scents

32 Lip Color Palette


Aferdita N.
Pigmented lipsticks that last a long time

I'm really happy with this product, there are many colours to choose from. Reds, a few nudes as well (the rosy ones are really cute). Pinks, about two purple -based colours, and two lipglosses. There's also a crazy magenta colour in this palette that I love. One thing I didn't expect was for these lip colours to last so long, even without a primer, they can stay on for quite some time (provided you don't eat like a pig or drink copious amounts of water). Forgot to say that there are some really bright corals in it too, love it.

I've had mine for about half a year and still haven't run out of a colour, but this is probably something I would repurchase.

Sherie I.

I read a review before I bought this saying that it was too sheer and the color didn't even show up. But since I got it, EVERY color I've tried is so matte! I'm in love with it! The colors are so pigmented and a little goes a long way! What I do to make sure lip colors pop is use a foundation on my lips to set the color to my skin color then I use Too Faced lip primer! But I'm definitely going to buy a second one of this because I love it so much!