L.A. Colors

Baked Eye Shadow


Holly B.

I love them they are shimmery. you can wear them wet or dry. the shadows work good with the eyeshadow applicator or your favorite eyeshadow brush. they do last long and are cheap I got mine at family dollar for a dollar and 50 cents lol

Katrieka J.

I hated these when I first bought them. I accidentally depotted them and now I love them. I dropped the pallette and ask the colors popped out. So I picked them up and smashed them with my face brush to make loose powders and now I love them.

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Aferdita N.

Some of these colours are very pigmented, an example is the gold/yellow colour found in "Titan". I have this is "Titan" and "Galaxy" and as these mini quads aren't expensive, I am satisfied with them. But the thing is, only some of the colours are truely pigmented. Others come off as just dull colours, with too much shimmer in them. That's another thing, for people who don't like shimmer, or just don't like too much of it, this is not a product for you. Staying power is decent, as long as you use a primer. I am content with this product. It's not the best, but I give it a rating of average.

Willow L.
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I first got this palette when it was called Nightlife and the colors weren't very pigmented on my skin, I thought maybe it was just my lack of primer. After having used Ben Nye cream foundation as primer (I use it as primer every time I apply my shadows and I've never had a problem with it), I see no change. The colors are extremely dull and they all look the same, except for the white that offers very little. I may have just gotten a bad palette and I'm willing to try again with another, after all, it was only one dollar at Dollar General.

Dania M.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM (ok... calm down) They are really nice colours indeed. Certainly not chalky. The pigmentation is Great (say 7/10) without a base. I Especially love the colour @ top right!! Its is such a beautiful pearly looking gold

I just wish i could depot them but i dont see how.