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Mixed thought

Initially when I got this product with the starters kit, I was surprised that they included such a dark shade with the lightest foundation shades. I assumed that each of these kits had all the products inside would be suited for that skin tone. This shade did not suit me at all, it came out as a dark kind of milk chocolate colour and that was just not wearable. Later I found that this colour I just had to becareful of how much product I picked up with my brush. I really had to be super light handed and really tap it well. When I do that, this colour is actually great for contouring my face. This product is really easy to blend and it actually gives me a nice glow. Since I use such a light hand with this product, this product would last me a really long time. I'm not sure if I would repurchase this product again, If I did I might look into the different shades this now comes in.


This is the brush that I use daily for applying my Bare Mineral foundation. I know that it's a bit weird that I use this small one instead of the larger brushes. But I find that this small brush gives me what I want, which is I can use this brush to apply foundations only in the areas that I need. It picks up the right amount of product (I can still swirl and tap using this brush). The bristles are soft enough to spread product over my face. This brush is easy to clean, there's no shedding and also the brush goes back to the original shape when it's dries. The only complaint I have about this brush is that I've only had it for about 2 years and the black paint on the handle is chipping off and bit by bit the pieces fall off. I don't know why this one does that, the other brushes I have from this brand I have no problems with. I would recommend this brush to people that want to use the foundation the way that I do, but I would just beware of the brush handle, the chips and falling off bits really make the brush unattractive.

Everyday use

This is a great brush that I got from the starter kit from Bare Essentials. I use this daily, but I don't use this to apply the foundation, instead I use this to apply my HD powder to set my makeup. This is a soft brush that is very dense. This brush is also a bit shorter than the standard makeup brush, so I find that this is easy to store in my brush roll against all the other larger brushes that I have. I find that I've able to pick up just the right amount of product on my face with this brush. I have had this brush for over 2 years, and I've washed it constantly. This brush for some reason does not shed at all and it washes great. The brush dries quickly and also the shape remains the same. I would recommend this brush for powder, blush or even some all over bronzing.

From the kit

This I got from the starters Kit for Bare Essentials. This is a brush that I don't use. I do like how dense this brush is but for the same reason I find that when I use this it's too hard to control where the foundation goes. I don't like using the mineral foundation all over my face, instead I like using it on area were I need some coverage. This brush obviously does not deliver that. It's really soft which is nice, so this is a good size brush for blending in some translucent powder to your face. Since in the kit I have a smaller version of this brush, that is the one I reach for the most, When washing this brush it does dry fast, but at the same time I find even when I wash with the brush shampoo it came with this brush tends to shed a little every time I wash it. I wouldn't buy this brush separately, there are better brushes that are just as dense or denser.

Everyday use

I love this product as a foundation. I got this initally in the starters kits which came with Fair and Fairly Light, Mineral Veil, Warm, 3 brushes and also a brush shampoo all for about $80. I didn't like the packaging of those containers because none of them have stoppers so when you store them they get messy because product falls out of them. Also the kit sized containers are smaller than the standard sized one, but those still last a really long time. Instead of using the product the way that they teach you, I actually only apply this where I need coverage. Even though this feels like you are not wearing foundation, I just don't like covering my entire face. I don't have a lot of blemishes normally but I do have some uneven tones on my face (mainly the chin and nose area). This foundation is not the heavy coverage but it does a good job at evening out my face. This does last all day, I find that find you set the foundation with translucent powder then you don't have to worry about oil and shine. This product I highly recommend for people that are looking for some good coverage without using or feeling like they have too much product on your face. The product is a bit pricey, but honestly it will last you SO long! I love how there is SPF in this foundation, normally I don't wear sunscreen on my face because I do no like having too much products on my face. With this product I don't have to worry about that. The kit is a better price, but I don't like the Warmth, one of the full size brushes (it's useless) and also the lighter foundation in the kit is way too light so that is useless too.

Great product

I really like this product, This is a liquid product that when you pump it it turns into foam. This cleanser cleans off all your makeup and leaves your skin feeling great. It actually foams up while you wash your face, which is what I really liked in a cleanser. I love smell of this, it's a great fresh light floral scent. It is a bit more pricey than most cleansers, but I would recommend this if your skin isn't too oily.

Great product

I have many of these shadows that I've gotten from gift with purchase palettes. I have to say that I love the range of shades this product comes in and I love how pigmented these are. I have a range of shades from lights to darks in both shimmer and mattes. I find that I like the shimmer shades the best, it doesn't have the overwhelming shine that some shimmer shadows gives. The colours are long wearing, and if you use primer there's no creasing. I actually use the dark shades with an angled bush as eye liner and those actually last all day. I highly recommend this product.

This mascara is great for my lashes. The wand for this product is quite long and the bristles are shorter than the standard mascara wand. I think the wand is really good for separating each of your lashes. The formula is not too dry or too wet. It's a really dark colour and you can wear many coats of this without clumping. I find that this holds a curl well and it creates great long and separated lashes. This doesn't give me enough volume, but I have no problems layering this with other mascaras. I will prefer my Diorshow when it comes to more expensive mascaras. But if you are looking for something that gives you nice natural looking length or you have nice long lashes I would recommend this product.

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Great product

This was the first GOOD concealer that I've tried. I noticed a dramatic difference with the way my under eye circles looked after I use this product. The formula is very creamy, eye creme is not really necessary when using this since the formula does on really smoothly. Even though #1 is the lightest shade I find it to be a bit darker than what I like it to be. Mainly now I use this more in the summer time when I'm a bit darker. The colour is also a bit more on the beige side which is great for the dark circles, but not so much for the blemish on my face. You do need to set this product with powder to make sure that it doesn't slide around on your face and that it lasts all day The problem with this product is that you get a TINY container of the product for a REALLY expensive price. If you use this everyday, this will not last you a long time. even if you just use a little bit each day.

I picked this perfume up with some store credit. I had a hard time choosing which Chanel perfume I wanted to get, but I finally settled for this one with help from a friend. This perfume was a really good price, I bought in a Sephora in the US for just over $60 for a 50mL bottle. The scent of this is a floral slightly musky fresh scent. I would describe the smell as very lady like, and Chanel-like. This scent does last for a really long time, longer than any of the other perfumes I own. What surprised me was that the lingering smell actually smells the same as when you squirt it out of the bottle. With perfumes it's harder to to describe using words, but also they are a personal thing because the smell also depends on the way it blends with your body chemistry. I find that using more than 2 pumps of this is too over whelming for me, I don't use this a lot, I use this kind of depending on the outfit that I choose to wear because I like to play this lady like scent off with how look that day.

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