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I got as a sample to try. I've been using it for a while now and I'm in love with it! This primer has no colour, it is kind of a Vaseline gel like formula. I was surprised at how light this formula was, when I put on my skin I can't even feel it! Usually for me, my primer feels like I'm putting on a lighter more liquidy moisturizer. This product literally goes on like BUTTER! So ridiculously smooth and you notice the smoothness instantly. What I really like about this product is that it takes no time to dry, you can go on with the rest of your makeup right after you apply it. I do notice that my makeup goes on smoother, especially my mineral foundation and my concealer. Throughout the day my face is still smooth as ever and I have no shine to get rid of. I would definitely look into buying a full size of this product in the future, the only thing that is really stopping me is the price tag this product comes with. Since I don't only use a little bit of this on my face I might just gift this to myself for the holidays.

Very nice colour

This was the first bronzer I've ever used. I have this in the lightest shade. The colour is great, it gives you that really nice bronzy skin tone without turning you orange. I love the size of this bronzer, you can take a large brush and just swirl it around in the pan without making a mess. The only thing I don't like about the package is the closure of the lid, it's really flimsy and the twist doesn't really hold the lid on properly. I use this in the summer time when I'm a bit darker, I use it as blush and also sometimes I use it lightly for an all over my face. This has no shimmer in it, so it's also good for contouring. This product doesn't have a lot of colour choices, so I think if you are very light skinned this isn't a good product to use because even the lightest shade will be too dark. Otherwise this is a great bronzer to use in the summer time for a bit more colour on your face.

Good product

I picked this up recently at my local MAC. This isn't a brush that I use daily, but I do really like using it for putting eye shadow on my lower lash line, I find that the brush tip is just the right size for that. I've also tried this for my waterline, the brush is soft enough for that. This brush is also a good size for outlining the outter V on my eyelid. Overall I say that this was a good buy, but I did find that it was a bit expensive for such a small brush. This brush is dense but it is also easy clean, it dries fast and it does not shed.

Good product

This is the only MAC face product that I have which is skin correcting. I bought this mainly because it is cheaper than my Laura Mercier concealer and there was more shade selection of this product. Of course I'm the lightest shade. I do like the coverage that this product gives, it covers all my blemishes on my face and also dark circles underneath my eyes. So with product if you're using it under your eyes, the most important thing is to apply eye cream FIRST otherwise you will have a cakey and dry looking under eye (draws more attention to the flaw). The formula is a thick consistency compared to most concealers, I actually like that about the product, it allows you have to more control of how much you want to use in certain areas. I apply the concealer first with the MAC 14 brush and then I take the MAC 217 and blend that out to the rest of my face. That technique kind of gives you a smoother looking finish compared to when I just use the 194 brush alone or my fingers. I find that this concealer does last all day, I usually set it with Makeup Forever HD powder to make sure it lasts, and again if you use eyecream it will not look dry or cakey after the powder. So far this product has lasted me a while, I do use it daily. It's a good buy and I would repurchase it.


I got this pencil in Black to use as an eyeliner for both my top and lower lashes and on both the waterlines as well. This product was cheap! Just regular price of $1.99 and the pencil is extra long compared to your standard pencil liner. The eyeliner is quite creamy, but I find that the colour pigment just isn't dark enough for me. It comes out in kind of a grey rather than black. I like really dark liner for my upper lid. This does smudge well, but it also lasts the whole day on your eyelid. I don't like my waterlines to be too, dark but I find that this product isn't creamy enough for the job, it takes a little bit more effect to get the product on the water lines. For the bottom waterline especially the product goes away really fast. This product actually doesn't irritate my eyes (I do wear contacts); Overall, I'm sure that there are pencil liners that go on smoother, and last long in the drug store, but you won't be able to find it at the price of $1.99 regularly.

A nice suprise

I have this in the shade Black with the newest packaging of this product. I decided to pick this up, it was at regular price for only $3.99 at my local drug store. I LOVE this product! I've tried a couple of products from NYC and I wasn't impressed those at all, but they do have great prices. NYC really outdid themselves with this liquid liner though. The packaging of this product is great, it's a smaller sleek black tube (much like a shorter mascara); makes it easy for storage or to carry around. I have very high standards for eyeliner because for the most part it is my everyday essential product. The brush is what I really like about this product, it's similar to the thinness of a 210 brush but it is longer and it is flexible. Compared to most liquid liners that have the hard cone shaped short applicator, which I really don't like. This product's brush gives you a lot more control especially when it comes to drawing very thin lines and making those fabulous winged out ends. This formula is what surprised me the most. It is the blackest black, so you only need to line your eyeline once to get the dramatic black. It's quite liquidy but it does not take long to dry. Usually I'll put on my eyeliner and then let it set while doing something else on my face (usually my eyebrows) and when I go back to the liner, everything is nice a dry. This formula will last you ALL DAY! Seriously ALL DAY! I wore this on Halloween for my look, and I danced all night in a club and this product stayed perfectly on my eye; no flaking, no bare spots, not EVEN a smudge! This eyeliner is easy to clean too, just water will take it right off. If you make a mistake while applying it just some water on a Q-tip will clean it right off. I don't recommend this for people who have waterly eyes, only because this product is not waterproof at all. If you get water on this product it will come right off. This is one of the best liquid liners I've found, I definately love the price and the formula.

Cheaper alternative

I have these in 2 shades, white and a dark magenta pink. I picked this product up because it was very cheap and I wanted to give it a shot. There isn't anything special about these polishes. The formula is what you get for the price you pay, the pigmentation of this is better when you put on 2 coats of colour. The drying time of this is the same as any other drugstore brand. I find that when you wear this colour it does chip faster than the other brands also it cracks as well when you put top coat to prevent chipping. The only problem that I have with this product is that it dries out too fast in the bottle, before you even get to half the bottle, it gets super goopy and not wearable. The brush on this isn't too great either, it's thin and that makes it hard to control especially when I was using the white for French manicures. For this product you really only get what you pay for.

Excellent shade selection

I tried this product after hearing all the rave about it. I bought this product at a wholeseller beauty supply store, so the price was similar to a sale priced drugstore polish. I tried the shades Bella (a light pale pink) and Maya (a bright coral pinky toned red). I was amazed at all the colour selection that Zoya had! There are literally all the colours in the rainbow, and each colour has different shades, tones and textures. I find that these polishes aren't as opaque as OPI or China Gaze; for the lighter shade I had to use 3-4 coats to get the colour in the bottle (a lot of those were way too sheer) and the brighter one was nice with 2 coats. This polish is very long wearing, 2 weeks and no chips and minimual cracks, with the use of base and top coat. The formula has a very shiny gloss finish to it and it actually doesn't smell as bad as most polishes. I find that these polishes are harder to find in my local area, but I would definately go back and repurchase more colours.

Not bad

I got Mineral Veil in the starter kit that I had purchased. I would apply a little bit of this all over my face to set the Bare Mineral foundation and also prevent shine that I would get through out the day. Normally for my everyday makeup I don't use foundation all over my face, I find that's too much make up for me. I usually only use concealer and foundation around the blemish areas or certains areas where I needed to even out my skin tone. I use this to set my under eye concealer and on my t-zone (those are the areas that I'm most concerned about). The kit sized jar also doesn't come with a stopper so when storing this or travelling you have to make sure this is always upright or you will get spillage of product all over the lid and down the sides. The formula is really light, and translucent in colour. The jar that the kit came with is smaller than the standard size, but since you do only need a little bit of it it does last you a long time. I find that if you use too much of this, your face gets too matte. This isn't the best product for setting your face. I find that throughout the day or if it's a really hot day out, I still find that my makeup slides around after I set it. Also when it comes to covering shine, this product doesn't work well enough. I still find the need to use blotting sheets when I wear this, and when you take flash photos you still have lots of shine on your face in the photos. Unless you have really dry skin, this product may work better for you, but there is also the worry that this product could matte you too much so your face ends up looking dry. The full size of this is about $30, I think that there are setting powders out there that can do a better job at the equal price.

Adjustment of your expectation level

I've tried these in many different shades. I really do like this product line. I find that the price is very affordable and there is a good selection of shades in this line. I find that this polish smells a bit more chemcially compared to other brands of nail polishes, even in the Sally Hansen brand. I would advise using this polish in a well ventilated area. The colours do go on nicely, light to dark; there is no streaking and 2 coats will give you the perfect colour. These polishes take about the same amount of time to dry as any drugstore nail polish. These polishes last up to about 2 weeks if you wear base and top coat, but I find that even though these polishes don't chip as much after the long wear, they do crack up on your nail. If you are like me, I can't really stand the cracks in the polish so I still do end up getting rid of it after about a week. The thing that I don't like about this polish is that the way the polish is packaged (being more narrow and long), the brush doesn't really get the lower section to well, sometimes you have to tilt the bottle to use the colour. I also find that this polish dries up faster, it gets really goopy pretty fast and you either need to use a nail polish thinner in it when you real about half way or you have to just toss it out because it's too goopy to apply and it will leave bubbles. For the cheap price that there are I would still recommend these for the good colours the line comes it, but just don't expect too much out of it.

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