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bareMinerals All-Over Face Color

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Taylor F.
Only Bronzer I Will Ever Buy

This bronzer is not only good for your skin, but it is beautiful on your skin. Warmth is a bronzer that works for anyone ranging from the fairest of fairs to the deepest skin tones. It is my absolute favorite bronzer because it is so versatile, but also it gives you a natural glow and bronzed looking skin. I will never buy any other bronzer because of this so I suggest you give it a try~you won't be disappointed!

Emily M.

Ever since I used my first Bare Minerals Foundation I have been in heaven.

This was the PERFECT gift to me from a friend. I agree with previous posters. You MUST MUST MUST use this product very lightly. Otherwise you will end up with way too much color on your face. Very affordable and well worth the money because you can wear day and night and use so little at a time that it lasts FOREVER. I swear I've been using mine every day for the last 2 years. Seriously.

Buy this now, you will not regret it.

Elaina Y.
Mixed thought

Initially when I got this product with the starters kit, I was surprised that they included such a dark shade with the lightest foundation shades. I assumed that each of these kits had all the products inside would be suited for that skin tone. This shade did not suit me at all, it came out as a dark kind of milk chocolate colour and that was just not wearable. Later I found that this colour I just had to becareful of how much product I picked up with my brush. I really had to be super light handed and really tap it well. When I do that, this colour is actually great for contouring my face. This product is really easy to blend and it actually gives me a nice glow. Since I use such a light hand with this product, this product would last me a really long time. I'm not sure if I would repurchase this product again, If I did I might look into the different shades this now comes in.

Angela V.

I use this all over for a great looking glow.. It goes on flawlessly and it just makes my face look amazing. I have a lot of bare escentuals makeup and this was a great addition to my collection I would recommend it to everyone looking for that lovely flawless glow

Jenny L.

I use this for my blush, blend it in the apples and with what's left on the brush I blend it up to my temples, down to the beginning of my chin, and lightly over the bridge of my nose. Since I'm ungodly pale most blushes seem cartoony or clownish. This one I can layer with a bronzer or a paler pink blush and it'll still look like a healthy natural flush to my skin. I'll be stocking up on different colors so I can customize each look.

Chantel K.
Great Product
Photo of product included with review by Chantel K.

Warmth adds rich velvety color to your complexion to give you a radiant, healthy looking hue. You can wear it over, under, or mixed together with any Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation. I always wear warmth with my foundation because I like that warm tan that it gives me without having to sit in the sun or go tanning because that is not healthy for your skin. Warmth compliments the foundation very nicely and although they both can be worn without the other they make a great pair that gives your face a nice flawless glow. Again you only need to use a little of the warmth which allows you to have the product for a good length of time.

Sondra S.

this makes your skin look so smooth and flawless and then adding the mineral veil is even better over the all over skin color...gorgeous..and if you have some fine lines it doesnt settle in and it feels like you are not wearing make up its so light on your face..awesome product