Laura Mercier

Secret Concealer


Julie G.

It feels like a mix of a cream and a wax. When I first started using it, it was great! My small zits would have their red color covered. Recently, I find that it doesn't cover the zits as well as it used to. Overall, it's a nice product.

Nikki K.
Great Coverage, Very Build-able!

This concealer is very smooth and creamy, so it will move and crease if you don't set it with a bit of powder. I found that even if you set it with some powder, it will crease (over time) just the tiniest bit if you apply it to the lower lid. Otherwise, it generally does not budge all day. I've used this on my very blue inner corners and not only does it color correct and cover well, it brightens! It is also a great concealer for those with dry under-eye's due to how moisturizing it is. I found it to be long lasting, since you do not have to use much product. A little goes a LONG way. It is a bit pricey. At the time of this review, its price online on both Sephora and Laura Mercier websites is $22.

Having that said, I think this product is worth the price if you have dark circles, if the inner corners of your eyes have a blueish hue, or if you have dry under-eye's. I think it's definitely worth the price for how long it lasts. I may be breaking some makeup rules by keeping it for so long (SHH!), but I have had my concealer for about a year and I still have quite a bit of product left. (Though I do not use it everyday)

Elaina Y.
Great product

This was the first GOOD concealer that I've tried. I noticed a dramatic difference with the way my under eye circles looked after I use this product. The formula is very creamy, eye creme is not really necessary when using this since the formula does on really smoothly. Even though #1 is the lightest shade I find it to be a bit darker than what I like it to be. Mainly now I use this more in the summer time when I'm a bit darker. The colour is also a bit more on the beige side which is great for the dark circles, but not so much for the blemish on my face. You do need to set this product with powder to make sure that it doesn't slide around on your face and that it lasts all day The problem with this product is that you get a TINY container of the product for a REALLY expensive price. If you use this everyday, this will not last you a long time. even if you just use a little bit each day.

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Amber G.
Great Coverage, longwear, good on skin!

I have the WORST dark circles and it's not lack of sleep, they're just natural. I always had a hard time finding a good concealer that I didn't have to glob on. This one is great. I have it in #2 and it has a slight peach tint to it that offsets dark circles and just enough olive to match my skin tone. It is easy to apply, needs only a coat or two (use powder in between to set the first coat and then the second.) It matches well with my foundation, which is actually a different product. There are no harsh side-effects to mixing it with other makeup, it doesn't make you breakout and it's SUPER creamy which is great for the cold weather and dry skin.

Pros: Longwear, easy to use, good color match, easy on the skin, requires VERY little to cover.

Cons: Small container, Pricey but may last forever (haven't tested the life of it yet), only a few shades

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Ariana K.

<33333 My all time fav concealer! ah!! its super creamy, super pigmented quality is so good!! I use shade 4 as a corrector under my dark circles!! it hides them so amazingly well!! i will make a second buy because its that amazing!!!

Krystle R.
Love it!

Concealers scare me. Rather, concealers used to scare me!

With past experience with concealers, I was always hesitant to use them. After using this product in #4 for a few weeks now, I've fallen in love! This is heavy enough to cover the bags under my eyes and is equally balanced in its ease of use. Placed over Bliss eye cream and topped off with the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder, I highly recommend this product!

Christina T.
Love this creamy concealer to cover dark circles!

I heard good things about this concealer and I finally bought the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer in #3 a few months back at Sephora. I have already hit pan but there is still plenty of product left to last me a few more months. The texture of this concealer is creamy and smooth so it applies heavenly on my dark circles. On bad days, I do have to pat on a few extra layers to cover them but on most days, one layer is enough. Even though I have dry skin, this concealer is creamy and doesn't dry it out further. I would definitley repurchase this product once I run out. After I use this concealer, I pat a powder over to set it and pat in a brightening concealer on top to finish it off. Its lasts me all day without touch up!