Bare Escentuals

Full Flawless Face Brush

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Rebecca M.

This came in a set I purchased. It was good for the powder foundation but it's even better for blush and bronzer. I prefer a fluffier and fuller brush for foundation but this is my main brush for blush and bronzer :)

Kirbie S.
Good for Bronzer

I really like this brush to blend when I contour and for bronzer! I like how it doesn't make a really harsh line when I contour, it just blends it really nice and looks more natural. I didn't really go out and buy this separately it just came in a kit, but I use this brush at least everyday!

Hannah D.
good powder foundation brush!

This is a soft brush with a sturdy handle. The only reason I left off a star is because it does shed a bit, but I'd still buy it again. It provides a nice coverage easily.

MultiMangoLove x.

All of my facial products are from Bare Escentuals and I really like their products. They're pricey but you get what you pay for. I do however find this brush starts to malt and go quite hard and brittle after a few months, even if you do clean it with conditioner on a regular basis.

Christina L.

I also received this brush in a kit I got. I think it's great for powder foundation. I like it for blush too. It's super dense. I've been using it for over two years now and it hasn't shed much at all. I would purchase more brushes from BE.

JoJo M.

I have had this brush for a couple years now I am really confident about it. I mainly use it to apply blush. It's a great brush and have not experiene any shedding with it. For a flawless application give it a try.

Faye F.

so yeah like many of the other girls i got this in the bareminerals starter face kit. and i pretty much got this because of the 3 brushes that you got.. and i am highly dissapointed ive had it for about nearly1 and a half weeks maybe and all it seems to do is shed shed shed.. its got to be the worst when you've done your makeup then your picking off strands of brush hair off your face. dissapointed with bareminerals to be honest especially with the price aswell .

Elaina Y.
From the kit

This I got from the starters Kit for Bare Essentials. This is a brush that I don't use. I do like how dense this brush is but for the same reason I find that when I use this it's too hard to control where the foundation goes. I don't like using the mineral foundation all over my face, instead I like using it on area were I need some coverage. This brush obviously does not deliver that. It's really soft which is nice, so this is a good size brush for blending in some translucent powder to your face. Since in the kit I have a smaller version of this brush, that is the one I reach for the most, When washing this brush it does dry fast, but at the same time I find even when I wash with the brush shampoo it came with this brush tends to shed a little every time I wash it. I wouldn't buy this brush separately, there are better brushes that are just as dense or denser.

Myrna P.

I received this as a gift. I like this brush and use it often. I normally use it for just blush and I think it blends in very well and looks flawless.

Angela V.

I got this brush with one of my bare escentuals kits I bought.. I love brushes and I love trying out new brushes.. I don't have a whole lot of money so if I can buy a kit that has brushes that come with it that is a plus for me. The Bare Escentuals face brush is a good brush I use this one specifically for the last step mineral viel.. I like to have a separate brush for each of my steps so this is what I have the face brush for. I would recommend it to anyone