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Full Flawless Face Brush

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Christina L.

I also received this brush in a kit I got. I think it's great for powder foundation. I like it for blush too. It's super dense. I've been using it for over two years now and it hasn't shed much at all. I would purchase more brushes from BE.

JoJo M.

I have had this brush for a couple years now I am really confident about it. I mainly use it to apply blush. It's a great brush and have not experiene any shedding with it. For a flawless application give it a try.

Myrna P.

I received this as a gift. I like this brush and use it often. I normally use it for just blush and I think it blends in very well and looks flawless.

Lauren C.

i love this brush, i use it every day with my foundations for bareescentuals and i am totally obsessed...i love how fluffy it is and how easy the foundation can be applied with this brush...i use this brush mainly for foundation and mineral viel

Sherry B.

thats pretty much it..its bristles are a little denser than most brushes but it works great anyone just dont go poking your eye out with the super long hairs! otherwise its okay ...with a light hand it gets the job done

Linda D.

Even though I don't use Bare Minerals anymore I still use this brush for my MAC powders and sometimes for bronzing. I've had this for a long time now and I am impressed with how long its lasted me. I think its time for a new one lol.

Cassandra C.

I use this all the time. I even apply my blush with it. I have had it for over 2 years and clean it frequently and it still works great. a very good quality brush.

Chantel K.
I love this brush; expect it sheds....
Photo of product included with review by Chantel K.

When I first purchased my entire Bare Minerals kit this brush came with it and I have been using it as a concealer brush. I really like how Bare Minerals brushes can be used for multiple things, I used this with my SPF 15 Foundation and it covers all of my problems areas very nicely and quick. You only need to apply a little of product on the brush and it gives you coverage all day long. This smooth, domed-shaped brush works beautifully with Bare Minerals Natural Light Face Lifting Duo and Well-Rested for Eyes. Maximize the brightening effects and add a lift to several areas of the face with this great tool. As a bonus, the light stroke brush helps blend and soften deep shadows. This brush is made of Takion and Pony Hair and can be purchased for $20 at I love all of their brushes however my only negative thing to say is that they loose a lot of hair/bristles so while you are applying your makeup you will see hairs on your face that you will have to brush off once you are completely done. But other than that these brushes are fabulous.

I absolutely love this brush I purchased this when I was looking for a new eye shadow brush and when I purchased this from a Bare Minerals Boutique (at my local mall) the worker recommended this brush to me. This brush applies my eye shadow perfectly, exactly where I want it to cover and it goes on very smoothly. This brush is full of variety. Use it as an all-over lid brush for intense, opaque coverage. Use it to buff color on just your lower lid. Or use it as a crease contour brush if you want. No matter which way you go, enjoy full color intensity thanks to the tightly tapered, dome-shaped head. This brush costs $16 and is made of Pony and Ox hair.

This brush also came with my Bare Minerals Kit that I purchased and I use this brush to apply my Bare Minerals Foundation in Tan. This brush allows me to cover my face fully with minimal product which is one of my favorite things about this brush. It allows my foundation to smoothly blend in with my skin without caking or clumping which is always a plus. If you prefer more coverage, this versatile brush works great with Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation, All-Over-Face color, Blush and Mineral Veil. Get medium to full coverage and a broad range of easy, expert looking applications for a natural, seamless look. This brush costs $28 and although that is a little expensive for a makeup brush it is worth it because these brushes last for a very long time and of are a very high quality, which is something that you can not find everywhere.

I personally use this brush to apply my blush because I like the size of it and it blends in my blush really good with my skin color. This brush also came with my Bare Minerals kit. This lighter multi-purpose brush for the multi-taskers that we are, with its soft-tapered, semi-round bristles, this versatile brush works great with Bare Minerals SPF 15 foundation, All-Over-Face color, blush, and Mineral Veil. Get light to medium coverage and a broad range of easy, expert looking application.

Overall I would recommend these brushes to all of your pretty divas, they are of great quality and they last a long time, and remember all of these brushes can be used for whatever purpose you see fit. To purchase these brushes and other products look at for pricing and any discounts they may have.

Amanda K.
nice brush for minerals

this brush is terrific especially for use with mineral makeup like bareminerals, bellapierre, micabella, or any of the mac mineralize powders. its nice and fluffy and makes makeup look very natural and flawless. i havent experienced any shedding thus far and ive had it for quite a while!

Rebecca M.

This came in a set I purchased. It was good for the powder foundation but it's even better for blush and bronzer. I prefer a fluffier and fuller brush for foundation but this is my main brush for blush and bronzer :)