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This was the first time that I bought an OPI polish with glitter in it. I decided to try this for the holidays and was so surprised by the product. It has a FANTASTIC colour pay off. One coat of this glitter polish will give you exactly the right amount of all over glitter on your nail. I love the formula of this glitter, it has glitters of different sizes and colours, the different sized glitters really help to spread and give dimension to your nail. It has the same effect of any OPI polish, where the formula is nice and thin, so the glitter is completely buildable (even though one coat is enough). OPI glitters are a new must for me and I highly recommend them. Even though this is a limited edition, it was just under $6 for me at a beauty supply store.

Great product

I use this product for nail art rather than for painting all over my entire nail. The packaging for this product is very nice, I think the square-ish bottle is really cute. There is a standard amount of product and the brush is also standard. The formula is great, very opaque colour, and the colour is exactly what you see in the bottle. It is not too thick so it's easy to work with, and it does not dry out too fast. The formula dries at a pretty decent speed when you apply it on your nails. The staying power is great, for nail art the polish will last until you switch your manicure. I purchased this during IMATS, so this was very inexpensive ( $3-$4). There is a huge colour range for this collection. I would definitely recommend checking out this NYX polish if you can find it in your local area.

Extreme Coverage

I picked up this product in the shade Light, the actual concealer is slightly lighter than my skin colour, but that provides good coverage for my under eye circles. The concealer pencil is great, it is the perfect shade for me, I use this on the more stubborn blemishes that I get on my face. This is a very affordable product, I picked this up at Walmart. I really like this product for the extreme coverage the it gives. The formula is really heavy, and you only need a TINY bit to cover up a blemish or a dark circle. I use my fingers to pat the product into my skin, I find that this technique works the best in concealing the imperfection and also for blending the product into my skin. If you use too much of the product, it does start to cake. I find that for under eye circles it's best to use eye cream before hand so that the area has good moisture to prevent caking. The formula is slightly sticky, but it does dry nicely and fast. I set this concealer with HD powder and the product lasts all day. I would recommend this product to have in your makeup kit. You never know when you will need something that can literally cover up any imperfection.

Good product

I got this lipstick in Candy Pink. It's a bright Barbie pink. The packaging of this product is great, it has a nice sleek square black quilted case and on the top of the lipstick there is a square with the colour swatch on it. That is a great detail when it comes to storing the product, you can grab for the colour without opening the tube. The formula of the lipstick is very smooth and the colour pay off is nice and pigmented. There is no smell to this product and no taste. This product alone can be quite dry when you have it on for a while. I find that it works the best if you apply a lip balm underneath the colour, it really helps to make the product last longer and almost be more moisturized on your lips. I would recommend this product because there is a great colour selection, the price is pretty fair (and it goes on sale a lot at my local drugstores). The only thing I would say about this is that you need to apply lip balm underneath it otherwise it will be too dry.

Great product

This is one of the first Benefit products that I got to try. I have to say that the packing is really cute. It comes with a full sized mirror in the box and it comes with a variety of products that you can use to create a full look. There are 4 eyeshadows each of the colours are great, really nice colour pay off and they do not crease when you use an eye primer with it. The shades had a nice subtle shimmer in them, fairly creamy consistency and also has a good lasting power. The Girl Meets Pearl Illuminizer is a very nice shade, it has a slight hint of pink to it, but when you put it on it gives you a nice glowy highlight to your face. It dries fast and also lasts for a long time. The Face powder/blush is a nice combination of shimmer between a pink shade and a more peachy shade. When you apply it to your cheeks it gives you a very nice subtle flush to your cheeks. The Bad Gal Lash mascara is a mascara that is good if you like have more natural looking lashes. It does not build too well, it separates your lashes nicely. When it comes to holding the curl, it is more of a wet mascara so it can flatten the curl. It doesn't really make your lashes look more voluminousness or longer in length, I think there are better volumizing mascaras on the market. My favourite thing in the whole kit is the lip gloss, it is a great slightly shimmery peachy nude pink colour. The smell is fantastic, smells like a juicy peach candy! It is great formula, not too sticky and long lasting and it goes on really smoothly. I would definitely repurchase the lip gloss in a full size. I think this kit is a great start to trying Benefit makeup, it gives you a idea of what the brand is like when it comes to all the different products that it has. Also this product is a nice gift for something that is a beginner to makeup, there are instructions on how to use the products in the box and it is also great for someone that already has experience with makeup, it's has a lot of fun products and nice shades. I'm really glad that I was able to try this product and I would recommend it.

Great little collection

I got this product to sample as a prize. I really like the selection of mini perfumes that it comes with. I think that this product has a great range of different smells, everything from floral, vanilla musk, to sweeter fruit scents. This product would be great as a gift for something, since it has such a good range there should be something for anyone in this collection. I think the packaging is adorable, makes for a great gift, each of the bottle are in the shape of cute martini shakers, but they do not have spray nozzles on them. The scents do actually last for a long time, it also remains smelling nice as it wears down, I would recommend this product if you are interested in trying new perfume scents or if you want to give the gift of perfume but you aren't too sure of what the person may or may not like.

Favourite scent: Garden of Good and Eva and Laugh with Me Lee Lee

Nice "nude" colour

I got this lip pencil in the shade Rose. It is the closest shade for any lip pencil that I could find to my natural lip colour. I do have pretty pigmented lips, and most "nude" or "natural" lip pencils shades were all too brown and/or dark for me. The colour Rose is a great nude colour, it is slightly more pinker than my lips, but if you apply a gloss or a lipstick over it the difference isn't noticeable. The formula is nice a smooth, you don't have to use a lot of pressure to get the colour pay off. The lip pencil is a normal size, so any makeup sharpener will work for it. I find that the lip liner does have a good longevity to it, but again that would depend on if you are eating or drinking and what not. I like the sleek look of the pencil and the colour it has on the back to indicate the colour is great when you store the pencil (you know exactly what colour your picking up). NYX cosmetics once again is a great affordable price. This is a lip liner that I would recommend, there is also a large selection of shades.

Such a disappointment!

I got this product with high expectations since it's been a product that has really been well recieved and raved about in the makeup community. Sadly, this product did nothing that it claims to. First off I do have fairly oily lids but everytime I use any kind of eye makeup I will always use an eye primer (Urban Decay's Eden) which usually gives me no problem with any shadow or liner that I use. I bought this product because its colour pay off is really dark and the pencil glides on really smoothly. I tried this eyeliner in 2 places, on my top lid as an eyeliner and also in my upper water line. I don't really like pencil liners because you need to constantly sharpen them to get a nice point for more precise lines, that could be a waste of product and also you need to get an sharpener for it. On my eyelid this product was hard to control since the tip was too big and not sharp enough, I like slightly winged liner and with this liner it was almost impossible to wing without having to wipe my eye with a Q-tip or using an eyeliner brush to smugde it out to a wing. The colour goes on the lid dark, but within hours it fades to a grey, which is something I hate for an eyeliner to do. It smudges and in the waterline, it does not stay at all! In a couple of minutes the product in the upper waterline smudges to the bottom of the eye and the rest of it just disappears. For the price that I paid for this liner, it does not deliver at all on its promise. Even some drug store liners perform better than this. When I swatched this on my hand the results were completely different, no smudging after it set, it was an intense dark colour and no fading. I will have to return this product to Sephora. This is a product I highly do not recommend, unless you are going for a smoky smudged out liner look.


I have this lipstick in the shade Rose Mirage, which is a mauve tone with iridescent purple undertones (like the box the product comes in). I find that the colour is different than anything else that I have, it goes on my lips slightly purple. It's a nice wearable colour. The formula is really great, it's really moisturizing and the colour goes on sheer, but it is buildable. The product also smells nice, instead of the standard lipstick smell, it's a light lotion scent. The packaging of this product I'm in love with, I guess the good designer price comes with detailing. From the pretty box that it comes with to the pack that the lipstick sits in it is chic and well thought out. If you are looking for a spurge worthy lipstick definitely look into Dior lipsticks.

Maybe it's just me

I wanted a concealer from Bare Essentials and my main concern was my under eye circles. Now I got this product at a Bare Essentials store in Las Vegas. The person helping me actually put this product on me, but at that time I was already wearing Laura Mercier concealer under my eyes. I liked the way that it looked in the store. When I got this home with me I really didn't like this product. It would make my under eyes look dry, and it didn't really conceal my under circles. I thought that this colour would be good for me cause it was lighter and slightly pink which usually is a good shade to cover up with. This product left me really disappointed because it was slightly expensive and now I have a lot of product sitting around. I did apply this with the cleanser brush that the kits came with, so that might not be the right brush to apply the product with. This product is a bit nicer for blemish concealing, but it is a bit too light for me in that way. If I use it to conceal my face I would need to apply foundation over it just to get the right colour. I find that that would just be wasting product. Currently this product sits at the back of my storage unused. If you are looking for a concealer, I would recommend not to get this one, Stick with the foundations from Bare Essentials those are awesome!

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