Bare Escentuals

Flawless Application Face Brush

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Michelle E.

It's a good brush with a wide range of usage! I use it for my Bare Minerals Mineral Veil, but you can build up a nice coverage with your mineral foundation as well, use it for blush and bronzer, you name it! If you take good care of it it will last a long long time! If you want a good brush that can be used for multiple purposes, this is the one to buy!

Christina L.

Pretty decent brush. Dense and doesn't shed or lose it's shape. I love how soft it is :) I like using it for blush or translucent powder. I wouldn't mind owning more brushes from BE.

Elaina Y.
Everyday use

This is a great brush that I got from the starter kit from Bare Essentials. I use this daily, but I don't use this to apply the foundation, instead I use this to apply my HD powder to set my makeup. This is a soft brush that is very dense. This brush is also a bit shorter than the standard makeup brush, so I find that this is easy to store in my brush roll against all the other larger brushes that I have. I find that I've able to pick up just the right amount of product on my face with this brush. I have had this brush for over 2 years, and I've washed it constantly. This brush for some reason does not shed at all and it washes great. The brush dries quickly and also the shape remains the same. I would recommend this brush for powder, blush or even some all over bronzing.

Laura W.
Long lasting Brush

I have had this brush 3 years. I've cleaned it with antibacterial hand soap, dish soap, face wash, and shampoo. This brush is indestructible! I have had no fall out and it's always super soft. It is a light to medium coverage brush that I use for finishing powder, blush, bronzer, or shimmer. I love love this brush!

Ashley K.
Great Brush

I always end up getting these in the Bare Minerals kits and they do not disappoint. They are soft and pick up product really well. They give an even application every time. Ive had mine for about 6 months now and have not had any problems with bristles falling out and I was them regularly.

Lily B.

I use this brush every single day! It blends your foundation really well and it doesn't leave little hairs behind. It's also incredibly soft! I've had it for about 5 months and I just wash it every month to keep it clean.

Jenny L.

Another one of my favorites. I use it every day for mineral veil and haven't been let down yet. Like all the others it doesn't shed, lose shape, and put the right amount of product on my skin.

Lauren C.

i love this brush, i use it every day with my foundations for bareescentuals and i am totally obsessed...i love how fluffy it is and how easy the foundation can be applied with this brush...i use this brush mainly for foundation and mineral viel

Amelia M.
Pretty amazing!

I love this brush! It blends so well. I use it only for my warmer from the starting kit I purchased. It was just a really great brush. I will recommend this brush to anyone who purchases bare minerals

Faye F.

not a bad brush at all, got this in the bare minerals starter face kit, even though the full flawless one sheds so much this one isnt so much.. would recomend this for powder, mineral makeup, or a light bronzer all over the face