DÉFINICILS - High Definition Mascara


Bonnie W.
i love this product!

this mascara glides on beautifully and seperates every single lash. the formula is a drier formula but personally i like that. it holds a curl and flares them out without a single clump :) however for it may be a little pricey. for its price i can say i expect a little more because you can find drugstore mascara to come close with a way lower price xx

Bridgette D.
No volume or length

I just got this mascara as a free sample from mascara and was super pumped to try it after seeing the great reviews. No volume, length, can't hold a curl or anything! It made my eyes burn and flaked off within the day. So disappointed.

Jill S.
Good for Day Wear

I like this mascara for daily use at work in the office. Defines lashes well and goes on smooth. Takes 3-4 washes to get the product fully off of your eyes. I would use something else for Fri/Sat night to add volume for a more dramatic eye.

Chrisi P.

Thus far, this is my favorite mascara. Its formula is buildable and gives me decent length. I like using the travel size version as its easier for me to hold on to during application haha.

Elaina Y.

This mascara is great for my lashes. The wand for this product is quite long and the bristles are shorter than the standard mascara wand. I think the wand is really good for separating each of your lashes. The formula is not too dry or too wet. It's a really dark colour and you can wear many coats of this without clumping. I find that this holds a curl well and it creates great long and separated lashes. This doesn't give me enough volume, but I have no problems layering this with other mascaras. I will prefer my Diorshow when it comes to more expensive mascaras. But if you are looking for something that gives you nice natural looking length or you have nice long lashes I would recommend this product.

Marcela O.

Best mascara I have tried, hands down! For me, I like Lancome mascaras much better than the Dior one's. Definicils gives me volume and length without having to wear false lashes. Doesn't clump or flake. I love that it is not a dry formula either, I don't like mascara that feel dry because they flake easily but with Definicils, I have no complaints whatsover!

Tricia L.
Beyond the best mascara, I've tried.

I have a handful of mascaras and have some faves I've sworn by before but this one is it. It's formula is supposedly great for your lashes but it also gives the perfect as natural as you can get gorgeous long lashes look. Of course pile it on for a more dramatic look and it will take you there. I love this mascara. I don't think its available in waterproof which is what I used to wear BUT it doesn't smear or flake. I've tried it with watery eyes and at the beach and was fine. Very happy. **I use the "Precious Cells" version which I'm not sure if it's on this site.

Lauren C.

lancome has the best mascaras in my opinion...i love this mascara, it is so amazing and works so doesnt clump, applies nicely, and has a great tone to it...if you want volumized, lengthy lashes..this is the way to go...this is a great product, i always get it as samples so i dont have the full one, but i have been using the same mascara sample (which is pretty small) for a while now, it lasts really long...this product is amazing and i recommend it to anyone who wants beautiful lashes

Ksenia R.
More for length than volume

Maybe I just have super crappy lashes, but this mascara didn't do too much for me. It's very good if you want some length. It doesn't clump and applies nicely, but wasn't quite enough for me. Good product overall.

Tara L.
Super lengthening and volumizing mascara

This mascara really delivers for any and every occasion. The perfect wand to lengthen and separate your lashes; it reaches each individual lash and doesn't smudge during the day. In comparison to other mascara brands, such as Dior and Chanel, the consistency of Lancome Definicils is creamy and moisturising so you don't get that dried out feeling. J'adore!