Chance Eau Tendre


Chastine C.

Wow, you have got to try this! I am in awe from the start 'til now. What makes it standout from all the other billions of fragrances is its balanced scent. Perfect for women, perfect for hypercritical person, perfect for everyone. Aside from its pleasurably and heavenly scent, you will not have to worry about your smell anymore because it will surely linger for a day! Also automatically gives you a different aura and wonderful feeling when sprayed on!!! Go get one or you'll miss out big!

Kirsten R.

I always get so many compliments when I where this. Chanel will always and forever be my number one perfume. the smell doesn't overwhelm me but it doesn't wear off either. so so great

Dana F.

This fragrance is so classy and timeless. I feel it can be for women of all ages. It isn't too heavy but lasts all day long. My boyfriend surprised me with it for my birthday last year and I was so excited since I was just obsessing over it at Ulta the day before.

Abi W.
Absolutely Amazing.

Long lasting, beautiful floral *pink* kind of scent. Well worth it. Repurchased a ton. Recommend. A little goes a long way. Chanel scent at its best. Honestly no disadvantages for me 💗

Tamara  W.

Another one of my fav fragrances. This is great. There are everyday perfumes, and there are special occasion perfumes. This, for me is both. I get so many compliments on this perfume. Would def recommend.

Bluearc E.
I adore

This one’s for the ambitious heart. This gorgeous perfume is full of youthful energy and promise. It makes you want to dream, to take on the world. If you’re raring to go, go with this. It won’t fail you. Please stop by if you get a chance

Rebecca C.

Got this as a present, loved it! Gorgeous long wearing smell and is amazing! Lasts a long time too which is brilliant strong smell but not over powering, it's one of my fav's!

Isa R.

I first smelled this scent in a magazine in 2011 and never forgot about it! I was always like one day i'll buy it! The smell is just fabulous, i think is the kind of parfum i'd wear for my lifetime...i just wish it lasted longer on my skin :/ 4 hours and no traces left...really wish chanel would do an EDP version of it.

Lily J.

seriously there is nothing chanel can't do. this perfume is so perfect for everyday and special occasions. it has a sweet floral scent thats the best way i can describe it. i absolutely love it. i feel so girly when i wear

Cookie H.

This was the only perfume I wanted for Xmas. Was very happy Xmas morning,thanks babe :-) I use it everyday. A little goes a long way. Chanel puts out the best perfumes in my opinion. I will buy this again and again lol