Pro Mend Leave-in Treatment CrÈMe


Suzana S.
So far so good!

I just started using this product a week ago and it works great on my wet hair. I love the smell of the product and its makes my hair pretty manageable. I'm noticing some small changes but I don't know how the product works in the long run. I use iit about every 2-3 days.

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Ning C.

Really smoothes out my frazzled split ends (I like to apply this the second day of my blowout to dry hair), but don't use too much or your hair starts to feel a little stiff and hard.

Irene I.

I haven't experienced anything earth-shattering with this product. I've tried it on wet hair and dry hair and it's almost as if my hair felt drier and I saw MORE split ends. It's pretty sad because I love Nexxus products. Thank goodness I bought this ON SALE.