Shatter Polish

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Julia S.
Dying Trend

The shatter nail polish was really cool for a while, but the trend died very quickly. I have 3 of the shatter polishes:

Black Shatter: probably the best shatter there is. it was easy to match this shatter with another polish. this one is probably still wearable.

Gold Shatter: i thought i was going to like this one the most, but i actually didn't like it. the gold was to opaque and glittery to be a shatter.

Super Bass Shatter (From the Nicki Minaj Collection): Absolutely love the color and everything about the polish.. except that its a shatter polish..

Kelli M.
Got thick and chunky

I used OPI a lot when I worked as a nail tech in a salon. A friend gave this to me to use because nobody was using it. It did work well and crack easily but after about 4 applications the polish started to thicken significantly. I had to work faster and faster with it until it literally just dried right up in the bottle. Great when it worked...needs a longer shelf life!

Macey O.

This polish was good at first and then it becomes nasty, chunky and thick if you don't use it quickly. It was completely frustrating considering I had almost a full bottle left when it became like that. I'm probably not going to buy this kind again.

Tara M.
Love it.

Black and white shatter are awesome. You have to know how to apply it for it to look right and work. I actually looked up how to make it look good and got some good tips. Adds character and a pop to nails.

Emily O.
Total Garbage

This nail polish is definitely over rated and I also wonder why people like it. The techniques of putting it on my nails varied from waiting time to apply it, to about 20 different colored base coats and brands. The results of course are different for each nail but mostly it clumped or the base coat would show through.

Erin M.
Gets too messy!

i do really like the shatter effect and grabbed one of these at my local salon, I didn't really want to spend that for a nail polish, but I wanted to be able to do shatter myself. It worked just fine the first time or 2 that I did it, I got lots of compliments on my nails, but after that, it was always to thick and "gunky"... I really did not like that, it made it messy and hard to apply... wasted most of the bottle!

Fabianne C.
NOT easy to apply

This is so pretty... But it just dries and cracks up so fast that you can't put it on the whole nail and if you try to reapply it just looks MESSY :(

Eliza H.
Went clumpy

I love the shatter effect and colour range is fun. The brush is average, the polish goes on well and dries reasonably quickly. My problem was that after only a month or so it went clumpy and unusable i think i had only used it a couple of times and i always seal the bottle so no idea what the go was there but it was pretty disappointing.

Izabella U.

I HATE THIS!!!! IT LOOKS SO BAD!!!! I BOUGHT SOME AND IT SUCKED!!! IT DIDNT EVEN WORK VERY WELL!!! looks like poop!!! srry i dont mean to offend anyone just stating my opinion!

Becca M.

I love this polish!! I currently am wearing it over another OPI colour,"Austin-tatious Turquoise". I love the combo! I find it works best on another OPI colour although it sometimes globs.