Urban Decay

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil


Danielle D.
Better than the Drugstore

I have mixed feelings about these pencils. I have one of the sets (not sure which one), so I've tried quite a few shades. The liners are pigmented, go on smooth, and are incredibly creamy. The liners I've used have all been true to color, even on the waterline. That being said, they aren't super long lasting. Compared to drug store brands, the colors and payoff is fantastic; compared to how higher end brands' liners last, UD's are disappointing. The color starts to smudge in the waterline and transfer on oily lids after a few hours. Not exactly 24/7. I use them mostly for photoshoots where the model won't be wearing it long. I have to say I do like the new black velvet more than this line and would suggest trying these liners out with a travel pack.

Daniella S.
Great product

Extremely black eyeliner that lasts a long time on the lid. However, there's an ingredient in it that my eyes don't like so I'll keep trying it out. All the other colours work with my eyes though so it must be something about the pigmentation. If you don't have sensitive eyes then it may work fine for you.

Simmie K.

After pinching this product for a review from my sis I tired the urban decay glide on black eyeliner. I am hoing to describe it in one sentence. The best eyeliner ever really!! '' you only need to put one line on your eyes and bang its done!

Jaime L.
Not the best

So I am a huge fan of urban decay cosmetics but this product is a disappointment. It feel great, easy to apply but it smudges and you have to sharpen it very often. I got this is couple shades and they don't last. Very disappointed in urban decay. Out of all their cosmetics I never had any complaint until I tried this

Breeze T.
Love it as a base

I love this pencil. I've tried it in various ways and on me it doesn't last on the bottom waterline, it kind of melted down. It does last on the tightline and on my outer eye area (ya know, the parts that don't touch the eyeball). Perversion is so black it's unbelievable, it smudges nicely and then locks in place - you have to be quick! Some products you just have to learn to work with, and I think I did!

Noemi V.
The best!

These pencils are my forever favorite.

The colors are very pigmented, does not irritate the eyes, great for waterlines, liquid results, easy to apply, easy to sharpen, and they seriously last all day.

I have initially bought Perversion, the. I bought another one in travel size along with Sabbath (blue), Smoke (gray), and recently Rockstar (mauve).

Sam R.
Love the way it glides on!

Didn't really think I'd NEED this liner but let me tell you I'm so happy I tried it! I love the softness and easy way it just glides on your eye!

Jackie L.

Really good eyeliner Glides on super smoothly and looks neat. The only problem I have with it is the price. You can find similar eyeliners for a lot cheaper, and if you're willing to spend a lot of money on an eyeliner there are more expensive ones that are much better quality. But it's still good quality and I love the double sided ones with 2 colors.

Kenna  S.

It literally does glide right on! I've been using this for quite some time and it's incredible. So much pigment in each shade. Definitely one of my favorite UD products! 👌

Sherley P.

I bought this after reading all the amazing reviews about it. I don't think I saw one bad one out there but it honestly doesn't do what it says it does. I was hoping for an eyeliner that would last and not smudge however in 30 minutes this thing had already faded off my eyes and smudged! I was so dissapointed. I returned it to Sephora, not worth it at all. I then got "Too Face's Perfect Eyes Eyeliner" and THAT eyeliner does its job right.