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This is amazing to contour with. I wish they had more shades of bronzer to choose from. But I do own all the blushes in this line as well.

I wouldn't recommend using it as an all over bronzer unless you have a VERY LIGHT TOUCH as this is very super pigmented, if your complexion is anywhere similar or lighter than mine. But would be great for a woman who is darker complected than me. =)

I purchased this to cover up under eye circles, but it doesn't work super well for that. However it works good to cover up any tiny blemishes or acne that you may have. So I like it for that.

I think I will be purchasing the corrector though, after reading the person's review beneath my post! I did not know there was a corrector in this product!

This is a pretty amazing mascara. I haven't had it in well over a year but I remember how impressive it was to use. However, something funky happened with my tube. It didn't want to twist shut. The mascara dried out very quickly because of that. I don't know if the one that I had was defective, but this is what deferred me from repurchasing.

This is a great longlasting liner with some slight shimmer to it. I only have the black shade because I'm not big on colored liners, but I will definitely repurchase!

I'm an Avon rep and all of these items are available on my online store at - free shipping on orders over $30!

I bought this product because it was 5 dollars, and I wanted to try something new. I didn't have very high hopes but the packaging is what caught my attention.

HOWEVER I am very pleased with this product! Sad to say though that after about a year of having it, I kind of forgot about it in my drawers of cosmetics, and rediscovered it. However, it was dried out. =(

I will be looking to repurchase one!

I think these shadows are amazing. I have never used them wet, because I prefer not to do that.. but I do like the color pay off dry. It provides for a very natural eye look with some shimmer. Very gorgeous turn out!

I expected this to be horrible because of the reviews I've read, but I purchased it and it's great. It's lightweight, it's light coverage, and it's very blendable. It is a dewy finish so I like to set it with a powder to make it matte.

However, I wouldn't pay the price that it is at the drugstore, which is like 7-8 dollars. Go to Family Dollar and you can buy it for half the price!

I only have one of these shadows and it is in the color Oatmeal. It is a taupey color with some shimmer. It's very versatile, you can use it on the lid, as a transition color or even as a highlight. I wish I had more of these shadows to compare the texture and pigmentation but I don't. I will be purchasing some in the future though! They are only 3 dollars each!

This lotion has a great scent, although I have a lot of different scents in this particular lotion, and paired with the body spray and body wash, lasts for a while. Check out my video reviewing the Naturals Body Wash here on Beautylish!

All Avon products are available on my online store at - and free shipping is available on all orders over $30!

I have this in Trophy Wife, which is a light shimmery golden color. While it's slightly sticky, I like to layer it over a nude lipstick mostly in the center to accentuate the lips. I don't find that the stickiness is bothersome.

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