Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner


Emily C.
Best Eyeliner Ever.

I was very frustrated with my eyeliner constantly transferring to my lids, but then I found this. Never transfers, smears, or fades and lasts all day. It does tend to "collect" my eyeshadow, but that's probably just my primer's lack of effectiveness. Great product!

Courtney C.
Favorite liner pencil

I just love these! I've been purchasing these since Avon first brought them out. A little sparkle kick added to your basic eye liner pencil. My favorite ones are Black Ice and Brown Sugar (or whatever the brown has been renamed to).

Pati P.

This is definatly one of the best eyeliners I've ever used, and it's super affordable. The colors are great, and it's super long lasting too. in gives that hint of glimmer without being overpowering, and compliments your eyes instead of hiding them. Out of 10, I give it a 13

Dawn M.

This is a great longlasting liner with some slight shimmer to it. I only have the black shade because I'm not big on colored liners, but I will definitely repurchase!

I'm an Avon rep and all of these items are available on my online store at http://youravon.com/dawnsantamarina - free shipping on orders over $30!

Hanah F.
Gives you the Glimmer + Long-Lasting

This is one of the few reasons why I love Avon.

1. Long Lasting

2. Glides smoothly.

3. AFFORDABLE. Let me repeat that, AFFORDABLE. Sometimes, they would even do a big sale, isn't that lovely!?

4. Nice selections of striking colors, too. I usually get the emerald green and black ice.

Angela M.

The colors are beautiful, and it glides very easily on. I love it most because it sparkles and accents your eyes. It is also very reasonably priced. I sell Avon and this is a big seller...http://angiebarnett.avonrepresentative.com/

Sharmaine D.

These last so long, which is amazing! You don't have to go out and buy another one for another 6 months! It goes on really well for your waterline, and it doesnt go anywhere! it stays in place! But it doesnt work so well for your tightline, avon's eye liner pencils work better for that.

Felicia S.
Sparkly and Smooth

This eyeliner applies very smoothly and nicely. I love the way it feels! There is real sparkle in the product that is easy to see on your eyes, which is nice. I feel like lots of products advertise sparkle or shimmer and it's not really all there! These are good because you don't have to sharpen them, and when they go on sale--they're way cheap! I got 4/$10, that's only $2.50 each! Avon is awesome, these are GREAT eyeliners.