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Erica S.
Natural Look ♥

I ♥ this bronzer :) Its makes you look natural and its doesn't even cost alot very cheap and afforable :) i recommend using this ♥ I use the Goodness & Princess Bronzer ♥♥♥♥

Julia P.
Natural and CHEAP!

This is a big too dark/pigmented for me to sweep around my face to give a bronze glow (unless I use a really light hand and fluffy brush) but it is a DREAM to contour naturally with! It blends very well and has a comparable finish to NARS Laguna, like you can see it if you look really closely but it just has a natural and not powdery look to it on the face without showing any shimmer. It's great! The most you will pay for this is $3.

Dawn M.

This is amazing to contour with. I wish they had more shades of bronzer to choose from. But I do own all the blushes in this line as well.

I wouldn't recommend using it as an all over bronzer unless you have a VERY LIGHT TOUCH as this is very super pigmented, if your complexion is anywhere similar or lighter than mine. But would be great for a woman who is darker complected than me. =)

Arkia M.
Good cheap matte bronzer

On the fly saturday I stopped in a hurry at walgreens for some cheap make-up to hit the town saturday night bc I hadn't been home all day...I bought this for like $3 or $4 and it did it's job. I liked it because it was a matte finish and didn't break the bank. It was def a nice break from my usually sparkly face :) haha