Physicians Formula

Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eyeshadow


Sam R.
Love this for a smokey eye!

This was my go to for a smokey eye almost everyday in high school! So I love it, it will always be one of my faves and close to my heart!

Megan K.

This product did not work for me at all! They did not show up on a brush at all. I have not tried them wet yet but dry they are horrible! I do not recommend this to anyone. It is not worth the money.

Haley F.

There are more trios available than the ones listed above in the 'Shade' drop down box. I have all of them except the Baked Smokes palette. Out of all of the palettes, Baked Oatmeal is my favorite! These eye shadows are shimmery, giving you a subtle metallic look which I love! For the longest time, this palette was my every day neutral look! There is a white shade, a dark brown shade, and a pewter shade that is useful for blending. I love the contrasting colors when worn together. These shadow look stunning dry but absolutely gorgeous when wet! HIGHLY RECOMMEND BAKED OATMEAL PALETTE BY PHYSICIANS FORMULA!

Kara K.

I really love how you can use these wet or dry. I usually like to use mine wet when i am going out in the night. I use mine everyday for a great noticeable effect.

Dawn M.

I think these shadows are amazing. I have never used them wet, because I prefer not to do that.. but I do like the color pay off dry. It provides for a very natural eye look with some shimmer. Very gorgeous turn out!

Jenny L.

I absolutely adored these. I used them with a wet brush, like most baked powders they have a problem being less than exquisite while dry, and they blended quite well. They didn't irritate me and they complement my hazel eyes better than most trios. The only downfall is that for the size you get it's not much and they break rather easily.

Marina R.
Not worth it.

It cost $7.95 + tax which in my area it cost = $8.50 To be totally honest is not worth it because the color pay off is weak The only time the color shows is when you use it wet and even then the colors don't look so great. The product also goes fast when you use it wet and you have to make sure that you don't apply too much because then it will crease like crazy. I love Physicians Formula but def. not that item. If you like slight color on your eyes then you will like this. If you like colors to show like I do don't bother.

Cassandra W.
Great Colors and payoff

I love these shadows. They are great colors and the payoff is amazing. Add a base under it and wow. It is just the right amount of shimmer and if you add in come matte colors with it they really pop.

Britney W.
my favorite summer eyeshadows!

i absolutely adore this trio! it has a beautiful golden bronzy eyelid color, a gorgeous champagne shimmery highlight that looks amazing on my skintone, and then a dark chocolatey bronzey color for your crease. i love using this trio in the summer time because the light reflects off the colors and looks so pretty! although they are a little on the pricey side for drugstore, its well worth it and i will be repurchasing :D

Amy C.
Great Shadows

I have my baked trio in "Baked Oatmeal" and it has three of the prettiest neutral shades. It's great for a suddle everyday look. The only thing i didn't like about this product is that the darkest brown shadow broke off. Because the shadows are made in a dome form they are easily breakable, and mine just happened to break off. I still love the shadow colours though. The price can be a little expensive for a drugstore product but i'd say the shadows are very good quality for your money.