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I really like the uniqueness of the more reddish burgundy shade, it's really like nothing else that I have. Although the shimmery side is rather soft, and produces a lot of fall out, I like to use it for an inner corner color or as a highlight when the rest of the look is matte

This product is really creamy and blendable, it doesn't crease for me, and I set it with a powder. However, I do wish that it had a little more pigmentation in it. I do have slightly darker circles than normal under my eyes. But it's still my favorite drugstore concealer thus far none the less.

I have this in version 2. I really love it. It was around 20-25 dollars I think, and every single shadow in the palette is very pigmented and soft, but not too soft. I think I experience a little bit of fall out with a few shades but nothing too major.

I would consider purchasing another but I find that a lot of the palettes have too similar of shadows in them so I really don't want anything else unless it's very different from what I already have. Great color selection and great quality none the less. Version 2 has a good mix of both matte and shimmer shades.

This does not work for the intended purpose of "perfecting your complexion" however I like to use it more as a mattifying powder. So hence why I dropped the rating down a star.

I have this in the white/black speckled shade that's basically grey once you mix it up. I was displeased with this product and I only used it one time. As a base.

Upon my recent trip to the drugstore, I noticed these were all discounted because they are being discontinued. Makes sense to me.

I wouldn't purchase another one, as mine is basically collecting dust. Not the greatest idea.

I purchased this a couple of weeks ago. I find that it does stay ALL DAY. In fact it is very difficult to get this stuff off - even with waterproof makeup remover! So that can be a pro and a con in the same token.

However, the applicator is a little rough to the eyelid I find. I wish it was a little softer, but you get what you pay for when it comes to this product I suppose!

I really enjoy these lip pencils. There isn't a huge array of shades, maybe 8-10 or so. They are relatively cheap. I wish they were automatic, hence the 4 star rating. But good product none the less.

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I have a few of these, and while I do find that the formula is slightly stickier than the original glazewears, it doesn't bother me. Great colors as well. I have this in Plum Dazzle and it's amazing!

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I love this product! It's great to fill in your brows. My brows are relatively dark and this color fits them just perfectly. However, I don't use the wax, I find it pretty useless, which is why I knocked it down a star. =) Overall, great product, great price tag!

I have three of these, Sandy Corals, Island Breeze and Smokey Eyes. I love them all! They are all pretty pigmented (with the exception of the baby pink in the smokey eyes quad.) I would recommend these to anyone.

They are soft shadows, but do not product a lot of fall out. They are very blendable, and wear for a long time. There is a small chart on the back of each palette that shows you where to apply each color optimally. Of course you don't have to follow that.

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