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I only have this in sweet cheeks for a blush, I have a bronzer too. I bought these because they were on clearance for 75% off and I think it's because they've been discontinued which is unfortunate. It's a perfect shade really, and both of them are relatively matte with the exception of a small square that has shimmer in it. Overall it's very natural and I would repurchase if they still had them. =(

I didn't buy this product for the plumping factor, and my lips aren't especially thin so I don't notice a difference but it does tingle when you put it on. I have this in a light shade, Honey something.. it's very nice. Especially to add over top of another lipstick. It has a brush applicator as opposed to a doe foot, which I also like.

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Basically this is your average leave in conditioner. It doesn't add any extra oomph to your hair, but it does moisturize. Especially at the ends if you have dry or split ends. Be careful around the scalp area though otherwise you will get oily if you apply too much.

This perfume smells amazing! Normally, floral scents make me gag but this doesn't have that cliche floral scent to it. I'm not the best person to describe scents to a tee, but I really enjoy this perfume, and the price tag isn't bad either.

All Avon products are available on my online store at as well as free shipping on all orders over 30 dollars =)

I like this product enough to use it until it's gone but I wouldn't consider repurchasing it. I have this in a nice matte shade although I can't remember exactly what shade. It's good for days that you would like to highlight certain areas of your face with a matte shade, rather than look like a disco ball. =)

These smell so good! I have one in all three scents, and they are great to keep in your purse. I also keep one in my bathroom and one in my desk at the office. They are relatively cheap and often on sale.. They aren't greasy and they DO NOT leave your hands sticky afterwards like some cheaper hand sanitizers!

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These polishes are phenomenal! They have like a metallic finish and they last for a good amount of time. I use OPI top coat and I can get about 7-10 days out of all Avon polishes with the exception of minimum chipping around the tips.

All Avon products are available on my online store at and remember, free shipping on all orders over $30! =)

I think this is a great product to use as a base for other shadows. I would never wear a cream shadow alone without setting it with a powder, but that's just me. So I like to use these as a base.

All Avon products are available on my online store at and there is always FREE SHIPPING on orders over $30! =)

This is great to use for spot concealing blemishes or light acne on the face. However, if you're looking to conceal dark circles underneath your eyes, I would probably go with the eye corrector! It's in the same packaging. This product is awesome either way! I think the white cream that's swirled in between really helps to brighten up the under eye area as well!

This product smells relatively gross, doesn't have too much of a taste, and moisturizes your lips. But I find that it's pretty hard to transfer onto your lips. I feel like you have to put it on 40 times to get a good coat of it, maybe it's because of the fact that it is made out of bees wax. None the less, it works well.

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