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I love this - the brush and formula are so good and this actually does give your eyelashes a false look. It also lengthens and volumises your lashes really well. Basically, it just does everything that you'd want a good mascara to do, and it lasts all day. The only small problem I have it that sometimes it can be difficult to get the mascara onto every eyelash because the brush is quite thick. Apart from that, it's the best drugstore mascara I've every bought.

I use this every day along with another Simple moisterizer which I use in the evening and actually, my whole skincare routine is made up of Simple products as I have sensitive skin, and this moisterizer is so good. It's really light so you can wear it in the day time and under make-up without it making your skin oily or shiny. I little bit goes a long way and it lasts all day. It doesn't block your pores so you can use it on oily areas of skin. I love that it doesn't contain any unnecessary chemicals because I feel safer using this on a daily basis.

I hate the smell of this - it doesn't even smell like grapefruit, it just smells like chemicals and medicine or something. Reminds me of calpol. I have sensitive skin usually, but I used this because my skin was breaking out and this product was made out to be "not too harsh" (I usually use Simple skincare products) but it was really harsh on my skin and irritated it, drying it out and making the break-out worse. Maybe I should of stuck to something less irritating, but I'm sure this product would have been fine if my skin wasn't sensitive.

I used the Tropical one, which had a really nice sweet smell to it, but it got a bit sickly after a while as the smell lingered on my hair all day. I like using this after I've exercised so my hair doesn't look gross, and it's useful if I don't have enough time to wash my hair or if I want to give my hair a break from shampoo, but I wouldn't use it for more than one day without washing my hair, because my hair still feels dirty when I have this on. Also, I have very dark hair so this made my roots look grey, haha. I would definately buy this again, but I would buy the Brunette one.

I got this about three years ago and have hardly used any of it because it tastes chemically, it's crumbly and messy and gets under my nails, on my floor, all over my vanity table. The price is absolutely ridiculous - it's basically a pot of sugar with chemicals and flavorings in it. You're better off making your own with honey and sugar, or even a toothbrush will do the job. It does smell nice though and seeing as I've already bought it for a stupid price, I do use it sometimes as a lip treatment but once it's all gone, I'm not buying it again!

This is a really good foundation. I have normal/oily skin which is naturally quite dewy, so this foundation gives a matte finish without being at all cakey, plus it isn't TOO matte - just right. It gives pretty good coverage - my skin doesn't have any acne or spots but I do have some redness and this foundation is perfect for that. I love the consistency - it glides onto your skin really nicely and little bit goes a long way so you don't need much. Only problem is that it's hard to apply with a brush and I have to use my finger which means I have to sanitize my hands before I apply it!

Personally, I love this! I use it all the time as it is so good for my nails and cuticles. Since using it, my nails have grown and gotten stronger as I use it every evening. I love that it's a natural product, as I don't like over-doing it with chemicals on my nails. I love the consistency because creams and lotions don't work for me, and this is more like a balm. The only thing I don't like about this is the smell, it's kind of gross and lingers for ages.

I got these nail polishes in a set of three and so far have only tried Houses Of Parliament. I'm so impressed by them, they're so fun and give a really nice effect. It looks like you've used a nail wrap or something! It's really easy to do and the polishes come with a magnet and instructions. Nails Inc. polishes are really good anyway so as usual, they didn't chip and are very high quality, love them and it's worth the money!

I got addicted to this as soon as I smelt it. I bought it as a present for my Mum but unfortunatley I bought the wrong perfume so she gave it to me and I wore it so much until it ran out. It smells so good, it's quite sweet but not too girly as it has a fresh side to it. I love the bottle as well, it's so cute!

Another one of the best perfumes ever in my opinion. I just got it for Christmas and I'm really impressed. It's really clean, fresh, fruity, sweet and feminine and it actually does make you happy! Everyone should try this perfume, it's really good as an every day scent.

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