Nails Inc. London

Magnetic Polish


Lisa G.
Worth the Price!

This is the BEST magnetic polish I've tried. A friend of mine at school had 3 different colors and we all agreed this shade looked the best. Sleek and textured but smooth to the touch. The magnet is easy to use and isn't awkward in your hand like other brands I've used. Worth the expense hands down.

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Alletta F.

Best magnetic nail polish. It works, and unlike others I've tried, it's still chip free a few hours (and days) later. Works like a charm, and gives a fun look.

Nadia N.

I love these and the design is cool and they move. This is the best magnetic polish I have tried. It is a very 3D design and it doesn't chip fast like other nail polishes.

Jackie V.

I love this! When I don't feel like doing an actual design, I just take this out and its a quick and easy way to do my nails! Just be careful not to touch the polish with the magnet. And if your doing it for the first time, I recommend finding a tutorial. Have fun!

Teresa H.

When I found this product I was so amazed, mostly because of the effect of the nailpolish. It's so amazing that somone came up with magnetic nail polish! -Teresa H.

Nikki Z.
Unique Product

This definitley is an interesting product. At first I was a little hesitant to see if it actually does what it promises but it genuinely does. It's super easy to use and the effect is awesome. Definitley a high priced item and the only way you are going to feel justified to buy it is if you love the effect. But super fun and you will always get compliments on the effect!

Victoria D.
So awesome!

I absolutely love my Nails Inc. magnetic polish. It was the first magnetic I had tried, and the directions were clear and easy to follow. It takes a little getting used to, but if you take your time and do a good job on it, your nails will look spectacular. It is quite expensive, seeing as there are cheaper versions of magnetic nail polish out now, but all in all, the nails inc one really lasts on your nails. I love mine!

Lydia C.

This is a fantastic product, I love nails inc polishes and when they came out with this I was so excited, I got it as a Christmas gift and I wear it all the time. It is totally worth the money. I think if you need a quick, arty fix on your nails that is simple but beautiful, this is the bomb. Whack a bit of the nails inc. caviar topcoat on top and you have got yourself a winner :)

Chanel T.
So Much Fun To Rock!!!

I love this nail polish. Basically I love anything from Nails Inc. London! My first product from this brand was the magnetic nail polish. It's a bit tidious to apply but once you get a hang of it the results are phenomenal. I've received so many compliments when I wore it!!

Kimberley G.

I got these nail polishes in a set of three and so far have only tried Houses Of Parliament. I'm so impressed by them, they're so fun and give a really nice effect. It looks like you've used a nail wrap or something! It's really easy to do and the polishes come with a magnet and instructions. Nails Inc. polishes are really good anyway so as usual, they didn't chip and are very high quality, love them and it's worth the money!