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False Lash Effect

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Jade C.

Made my lashes perfect, not to much and to little just right like false lashes great for everyday use add more coats for night! It stays on all day, used a few of the false lash range all perfect!

Jade C.

I've tried quite a few mascara so but by far this one the best it doesn't come our heavy and clumpy. It's smooth and even. Great for day and night look with a couple more coats.

Alex T.
Great mascara.

I have been using this mascara for a few years now and it is my favorite one to date. It gives great lashes and looks natural at the same time. Definitely great for both day and night wear and definitely worth the price.

Liz F.

This is the absolute hight point of mascaras! Thats all I can say about it! I just love this mascara and I really need you to attentive to this brand, because just every mascara of them if absolutely great!!

Katie H.
I have nothing bad to say about it :D

This is definitely one of the more expensive mascaras out there for a drugstore brand (at £11.99 for the False Lash Effect Fusion mascara (purple tube), and £10.99 for the regular False Lash Effect one (black tube)) but it's honestly worth it because this is the best mascara I've tried yet and I don't even look at others when I go into the store now! It doesn't clump, it's very black, and it really does lengthen AND volumise your lashes.

Savirra A.

I'll definitely go back to this mascara over and over again. I'm kinda surprised to see how it works on my short lashes, which apparently needs special treatment from an awesome mascara. This mascara holds the curl for hours, I can't say anything bad about it.

Simone D.

As someone who has short curly lashes I am constantly on the hunt for a good mascara. I always come back to this one. It lengthens, volumises and separates lashes excellently. The wand is rather chunky so I do have to really concentrate when putting it on or i end up with mascara on the eyelid. This is a very brilliant mascara.

Leah R.

I LOVE this mascara soo much! I Don't have much else to say about it other than that! Everytime i wear it i always get asked if i'm wearing fake lashes! Brilliant and totally worth the price!

Shannon T.
My BEST Mascara!

I adore this mascara in every way - the holding power, the color, the volume and length! I've been using various mascaras for volumizing but I never liked how the wands are especially when my eyelashes are somewhat confused and does not except volumizing mascaras. They seperate my lashes fairly well and lasts the whole day. It does smudge at the bottom of my eyes a little in my case when I laugh/smile a lot. Besides that, I can't wait to get another tube!

Ana Elizabeth A.
Worth it

I bought this mascara a couple of years ago and still have it, I love that it volumises your opens your eyes up! The formula is a little wet but dries quite fast. It's a wonderful mascara that does good to your lashes