Harajuku Lovers



Beverly H.
Nice, Long lasting scent

I really liked this perfume! I found it for like $7 on sale at Walgreens. For the value, it was fantastic! It lasts FOREVER and smells sweet, not floral. I really liked it, even though the bottle was teeny tiny.

Tiara R.

I love smell to me it smells the best out of all the scents of harajuku lovers i love how it smells fruity and i can travel with it because the bottle is compact

Angelica W.

I love this fragrance!!!! I found this at Gordmans and immediately had to have it! I never thought i would love another fragrance as mush as i loved Kate Moss fragrance but i think this is number one for now =)

Kimberley G.

I got addicted to this as soon as I smelt it. I bought it as a present for my Mum but unfortunatley I bought the wrong perfume so she gave it to me and I wore it so much until it ran out. It smells so good, it's quite sweet but not too girly as it has a fresh side to it. I love the bottle as well, it's so cute!

Miyuki R.

My favorite out of the Harajuku Lovers collection :) This is my second time buying it and will continue to do so, it's so sweet, so cute, yet somehow still "grown up" enough to not be for the kiddies :)

Camila D.
One of my favorites!

I love love love this perfume, it is sweet, sexy and fresh, it is a perfect fragrance, I have been using it for many years and will keep buying it.

Irenda Y.
I love Love!!!!

I fell in complete and total LOVE with this fragrance when I first tried it! I couldn't stop smelling my wrist all the way home, and the next day I went back to CVS 360 beauty and bought it!!! The sweet part was that it was $45 and I got $5 extra care bucks (CVS rewards card) So it was a cool $40! I would have paid more for her! The packaging is super adorable and the scent lasts all day, a combination of flowery, cucumbery smell with a dash of baby powder! I don't know what notes she used, but that's what I describe it as...all in all it's great!!!!

Samantha C.
its fun

This one is definitely my favorite out of them all. I feel like I can wear this anytime especially on my night outings :) Its not too strong of a scent but just enough to intoxicate the nostrils of your victim ;D LOVE IT

Carina C.

I have Love & Music, I got them for my birthday 2 years ago, & they are wonderful. I can mix them up & they make a good combination. When I'm done with them I'm getting them again. I love how you can smell them but the fragrance does not overwhelm you.

Brenda B.

I bought this a while back and ever since I have been addicted to it is smell. It is so sweet, yet fresh and cool. I can not explain it but it is wonderful! I have been looking for a place that buys it but have not had much luck :(