Lip Scrub


Stefania C.
Love it

Great stuff but such a rip off . Still buy it though because I don't have time to make it . One day I will though because it's super easy to do

Rebecca M.
Tastes good works great

I've been using this lip scrub since 2012 and I still love this product very much. A little goes a long way. Make sure your lips are wet before using this and apply a small amount on your lips and rub them together! Then when your done lick the product off and that's it!

Danielle D.
My go to

This is used when I need an extra boost on my lips to remove any dry areas. Quite simple and straight forward to use, take a little out and rub

Rosa V.

really good for dry lips that are cracked or have like peeling, takes off all the dead skin and leaves your lips fuller and brighter I find! great to use before applying lipstick or lipgloss

Ahrar A.
the best

the besttttttttttttttttt lip scrub I used .. my lips got pinkish and softer .. something ill buy agaain ... it you didn't use it go and buy it it worth a try

alaysha b.

loved it it made my lips so soft and it tastes so good youhave to get my only problem is in the uk its 5 pounds thats 3.50 in the us.

Ciara H.

This is a great product that works well. I found it helped reduce dry skin on my lips. A good tip is to use this and then add a layer of baby lips! Also it tastes and smells great. Only weakness is it's quite pricey

Emily D.
Bad product

I've had an extremely bad experience with this. Every time I used this it left my lips feeling very dry and hard, it didn't exfoliate them neither did it really 'act' like a scrub. The only thing good about it is it's taste and smell. I wouldn't recommend it.

Shae A.

Very good product but a little over priced. It certainly does work but there are cheaper versions that work just the same out there, just the brand lush is selling it

Fiona W.

This is an amazing lip scrub and I think that it does make my lips really soft when I use it! I have given it 4 stars because I think that it is slightly overpriced when you can make a similar one yourself for a cheaper price, but overall it is a really good product