Dream Matte Mousse Foundation


Courtney B.

Love this product!!! My skin tone is very light and the Sade I got looked very dark, but I applied some to my face with a blending brush and it works great! You don't even really need a setting powder because it's very matte!!

Marili I.

Has great coverage,feels very light weight,has matte finish and blends well. Hours later the dry parts of my face (cheeks and nose) started to flake up. Hard to apply and blend with brush.

Roberta M.
Pretty good product

I switched to this product from loreal liquid, and it is a better product. Be careful to remove a small amount from the container with a clean spoon/scooper, as using your fingers introduces bacteria and causes it to get a grainy texture (I speak from experience). It does have a few problems, including looking bad when your face is dry. In the winter, acne scars tend to show through the makeup, and it shows off your every pore in summer if I remember correctly. I tried a few different shades, and was never quite happy with the match. It looks the best in spring and fall. I eventually switched from Maybelline Matte Mousse to Boots creme makeup, which I think is a better product.

Rosy S.
Not bad

I bought this product once, when I ran out of what I usually wear. The product is decent and not bad for the price. It gives you coverage, it does but if you are looking for full coverage this may not be the product for you.

Glitter V.
I like it <3

The Good: - Complete coverage. - Smooth and easy application. - Airbrushed effect. - Blends easily into skin. The Bad: - Can become crusty and dry after a little while. - Isn't reliable in humid climates. - Long lasting, but not without maintenance. More detail: - Keep in mind that I hardly ever need to cover up pimples or the like, so I can't comment on the blemish coverage, but it definitely eliminates any uneven coloring. Its one of my favorite foundations, its so smooth to apply and blends really well into my skin. Paired with the right kind of powder it gives me complete and even skin tone and I look like I've been airbrushed, I love looking airbrushed... haha. The downfalls for me would be that it can come off looking kind of crusty after a little while and isn't very reliable in the heat, I have dry skin and after a few hours, this foundation made me look like I had the oiliest skin in the world. In cold weather its fine though.

Kimberley G.

This is a really good foundation. I have normal/oily skin which is naturally quite dewy, so this foundation gives a matte finish without being at all cakey, plus it isn't TOO matte - just right. It gives pretty good coverage - my skin doesn't have any acne or spots but I do have some redness and this foundation is perfect for that. I love the consistency - it glides onto your skin really nicely and little bit goes a long way so you don't need much. Only problem is that it's hard to apply with a brush and I have to use my finger which means I have to sanitize my hands before I apply it!

Danielle G.
Not My Fav...

I'm not a big fan of this foundation, firstly I couldn't find a colour to suit my skin and secondly the colour that I used made my skin very dry and cakey. I would like to try the foundation again when I'm having a good skin day however I don't think their is much point as they don't have the right colour. hmm...

Anna C.

The color was a great match for my skin, but when i applied it, it looked streaky and cakey. It was also fairly difficult to blend, but maybe thats because of my dryish skin type. I have also had it for a few months and it is almost completely dried out. It now sits in the bottom of my makeup bag and was a total waste.

Marjorie L.

This baby is AMAZING!!! When I wanted a foundation I wanted something light that could cover and it's what I got! When you have it on you can't really tell since it's really light. But, it really cover everything you need to cover. Since it's not like in a cream it is SOO EASY to apply! LOVE THIS THING!

Cassandra W.

I love these, The texture and coverage is great and it does not feel heavy. It is great as a foundation or a concealer and is well priced. I would buy this product over and over and over again.