Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser


Moden M.
Always in my kit!

I use this personally and I always have Simple products in my kit. I try to use the gentlest but most effective products on my clients and models and this helps me stick to that rule. It really is Kind to Skin!

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Tweetii M.
I absolutely love this

This is the best Moisturiser i have ever used! It is light on the skin and great for my oily skintone. I use it in the day and in the night. AMAZING

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Arie C.

The winter has been TERRIBLE on my skin. I usually have normal to dry skin, but not dry to the point where my skin is flaky. But for the past month, my cheeks have began to flake so badly that not even wearing a primer with my moisturizer helps. I felt like my moisturizer really wasn't cutting it, so I went out looking for a new one. I saw this and decided to give it a try. From the MOMENT I put this one, my skin improved 70%. When I applied it again in the morning, my skin felt so amazing and smooth! I applied a little more on my cheeks before I did my foundation, and used a buffing brush to really test how it was working, and there wasn't a flake in site. I am so happy with this product! And I love that fact that it really does feel nice and light. My skin doesn't feel or look greasy. It just feels like I have soft, healthy skin! :D

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Maribel D.
Good moisturizer

I received this product for review. I am very picky on the products I use on my face because I could break out easily. This product doesn't have color or a smell to it. It goes on smooth and it does moisturize. It's a light moisturizer so I feel that anyone could use it. Thanks

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Kayleigh U.

I bought this last week and I think it's amazing. In such a short space of time my skin is a lot smoother and the cream soaks well into the skin and doesn't leave a sticky residue behind! I'll defo e buying it again! Xoxo

Xxdoll X.
love it!

l love this stuff, it great for my skin and it moisture my face all day long. It don't contains mineral oil which is great, and it does not make you face feel oily. When you applying it? it feels wet like there's water on your face. I absolutely will buy again.

Evvie P.
Perfect for combination skin.

I have combination skin and in the past, I have struggled to find a moisturiser that didn't leave my skin oily but also one that actually eliminated dry skin as well. Finally, I found this moisturiser! It leaves my skin hydrated but not oily, and full of elasticity throughout the day. My skin has not felt tight or dry in AGES. Another pro for this product is that it acts as a good primer before applying makeup.

Iona M.

I love this moisturiser as it doesn't contain any perfumes or strong chemicals which could irritate the feels smooth when you apply it and really hydrates your skin. I would recommend this product to specifically people with sensitive skin. This is a must have!

Emily K.
Love this!!

I have combination skin, where my nose and high cheeks are dry, and I'm trying to find a good lotion for my face that won't make the rest of my face very oily. when i put foundation on, it always looks terrible on my nose and cheeks because my skin is dry so I put this on, then my foundation and it looks amazing. sometimes if i over powder too, i put a tiny bit on my face where it is too powdery and it smooths it out. it smells good too. its just clean. :)

Holly G.
Lovely Moisturiser!

Best moisturiser I've used so far! Leaves my skin feeling soft and silky smooth! Great price also! I have used more expensive moisturisers in the past that haven't worked as well! Think I'll be sticking to the Simple range!