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One of my favourite perfumes - it's floral and fresh and quite fruity so it's perfect for daytime and is very summery and feminine. It lasts nearly all day, although I do have to re-spray sometimes which is no problem, plus the bottle is nice too. One of the lovely-est perfumes ever!

I love this perfume, it's floral, but is also quite fresh so it's a nice everyday perfume - it's not too overpowering but lasts for a long time. It's good for all ages I would say...basically a really nice perfume, plus the bottle is really sleek and pretty!

I first smelt this when I got a sample of it in a magazine, and I loved it! I got it for Christmas that year. I do like the smell of it, but I can only use it in very small amounts, as it's a very heavy and distinctive scent. It does last for a long time though, so once the boldness of it has worn off slightly, it smells so good! I think this is more of an evening perfume rather than a day-time one.

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