Nails Inc. London

Magnetic Polish


Nadia N.

I love these and the design is cool and they move. This is the best magnetic polish I have tried. It is a very 3D design and it doesn't chip fast like other nail polishes.

Stephanie V.

I liked how it looked but I noticed that it was starting to mess up my nails. I think the magnet left indentations in my nail and it took a while to get them back to normal so I stopped using it. Very strange.

Victoria D.
So awesome!

I absolutely love my Nails Inc. magnetic polish. It was the first magnetic I had tried, and the directions were clear and easy to follow. It takes a little getting used to, but if you take your time and do a good job on it, your nails will look spectacular. It is quite expensive, seeing as there are cheaper versions of magnetic nail polish out now, but all in all, the nails inc one really lasts on your nails. I love mine!

Kimberley G.

I got these nail polishes in a set of three and so far have only tried Houses Of Parliament. I'm so impressed by them, they're so fun and give a really nice effect. It looks like you've used a nail wrap or something! It's really easy to do and the polishes come with a magnet and instructions. Nails Inc. polishes are really good anyway so as usual, they didn't chip and are very high quality, love them and it's worth the money!

Dear N.
The Coolest Polish Treatment in a long time!
Photo of product included with review by Dear N.

I brought both Trafalgar Square (the chrome), Houses of Parliament (the purple) from Sephora for $16 each. I hunted these polish down until I could find them and did a youtube video on them too

Karolyn C.
thanks to the smart people who created this!

i was amazed when i first hear about this nail polish at Sephora. i bought it and it was worth every penny of it! it creates really cool effects and it's super easy to do. the first time i try this polish my hands wasn't steady and let the magnet touched the wet polish and had to redo them. and although the instruction on the bottle says you only need to hold the magnet over your nails for 3-5 seconds, i think you get a better result when you hold it a little longer. and make sure you use a little more polish on your second coat (the coat that's gonna have the effect on) because the slower the second coat polish dry, the more chance you are gonna have a good effect on it.

Amber R.
I couldn't love this more <3
Photo of product included with review by Amber R.

What gets me the most about this product is surprisingly not the too cool 3D effect you get on your nails, but how easy it is to achieve that result. You get this amazing nail art on your nails in no longer than it takes to just paint your nails normally. Full review at