Clinique Happy

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Stacey W.
Holy Grail

This is hands down my all time favorite perfume. The scent has great staying power but it isn't overwhelming at all. It's classic and fun at the same time. I just love it. A lot. (:

Lyndsie  T.

Love mom always uses this but very nice light weight flowery scent really sticks and is a decent cost and size bottle sticks around in the collection for some time and nice to have great for spring and summer evening scent

Emmy H.

I used to use Chanel Coco Madamoiselle but at $95 a bottle it was expensive! I also wanted something that appealed more to my husband:) light and fresh, almost just a clean, just got out of the shower smell. It's fun and happy!

Rachelle-Denise  M.
Addicted and Proud of It!

This is the one fragrance that I feel captures "my personality" completely. I wear this faithfully everyday because it goes so well with my body chemistry. It's so light and fresh, perfect for the Spring and Summer. It's not over-powering but I have noticed that I have to refresh once or twice throughout the day---that's my preference though.

Holly K.
One of my favorite perfumes

This is one of my favorite perfumes. It lasts from the time I put it on to the time I go to bed. I have also noticed that when I’m separating my laundry my clothes smell like it days later. So, it’s the longest lasting perfume that I have ever tried. I think it’s one of the most versatile scents as well. You could definitely wear it during any season and for any occasion. I would recommend this if you’re looking for a new perfume.

Micaela C.

I'd been coveting a new perfume for the springy season, and when I smelled Happy in Ulta after Christmas I couldn't pass it up. The scent's first impression is so clean and fresh, a real post-shower smell, with floral and citrus notes afterwards that really do make it happy! It's not a very strong scent, which means that it doesn't hit you like a cloud of middle school dudes wearing Axe, and is usually only detectable when you first walk into a room or hug someone. It also means that it doesn't last very long and needs to be reapplied every few hours or so, so I want to go back and pick up the rollerball for on-the-go application.

TLDR; This scent is fresh and the name Happy is perfect for it, but it doesn't last very long on the skin. It'd make a great "signature scent!"

Shawn K.
Fresh and sassy

Clean right out of a shower smell, but last all-day, it is a favorite of mine it makes me happy when I put it on. Its a crisp, sweet smell if you are looking for a signature scent ,that's sets you from the rest this is a go to .I LOVE, LOVE ,LOVE it and a little goes a long way its candylady77sk approved.

Esther P.

FINALLY purchased it. I love it! It has been my everyday perfume since I got it. Love the clean, fresh and sweet smell. Get many compliments on the scent. LOVE LOVE LOVE =)

Joni S.
very first ;]

This was the very first perfume i got when i was five years old thanks to my grandma lol and i saved the bottle to! best perfume i've had ;3 love the sent of it, it always smells fresh but fruity-ish

Angela s.

I love this scent it's one of my top 2 scents. I personally like really fruity/citrus scents and this parfum is perfect if you like that type of scent. If you like Kate Spade Twirl or bath&body works white citrus scents you'll love this parfum. Its defiantly a 5 in my eyes, love it!