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Lovely cream, luscious and moisturizing with a slight citrus zing!

I got this as a pretty generous Sephora sample. I know you're supposed to think about anti-aging in your 20's I'm not super concerned about it. I apply sunscreen and try to keep my skin/body healthy, but I don't dread the concept of aging itself! That being said, I can't possibly say I saw results after only 4 or 5 applications, but I can say this is a really nice moisturizer! It makes me really want to try more Bliss products. The cream was super creamy and absorbed right away. It had a slight citrus scent but wasn't overwhelming- I need to be careful about scents because I'm sensitive to strong ones. If this was really great, I can't imagine how nice the other Bliss products are. I wouldn't buy this full sized, but I would definitely buy other Bliss products when the need arises, because based on how lovely this lotion was, Bliss has great quality skincare.

Nice as a sample, want to try more theBalm skincare stuff!

This wasn't super amazing, but was really nice to try as a sample, (From Sephora). It piqued my interest in trying other theBalm skincare products...and obviously more of their makeup! I love the packaging and style of their brand, and would love to own one of their really cute skincare bottles. This had a slightly tart smell, but not really reminiscent of pomegranates. If you're looking for a fake scent, this feels more organic and less scent invasive. I am sensitive to fragrance, so this was nice to not get a headache from. I liked the creamy consistency and ability to absorb in seconds to my parched skin! I loved that my sample was pretty hefty and I could get maybe 5 uses out of it. I'd say if you're in the mood to try something different, go for it, but their skincare is not cheap, to say the least.

One of the best neutral palettes out there!

So I got this last XMAS and I'm still savoring my way through the palette. It is totally worth the hype and makes a great Nakeds substitute for cheaper! I love that you can make any eye look with this- you have lid/highlight/crease shades and some unexpected all over lid shades that are beautiful just on their own. The darker shades create the most, luxe, chocolately, luscious smokey eyes and one of my favorites uses for this palette is BROWS! I've used this more as a brow palette, its that great! I take the lighter brown for the base, the dark plum/red for the middle and the dark dark brown for the tail and it creates a sharp, defined brow, definitely perfect for a pin-up look! I like how you can create a pin-up look and endless other eye looks! I keep finding interesting nuances about the shadows- one has a bluish duochrome cast and the darker browns have glitter that actually sticks around on the lid! Plus, there are so many color combo ideas that you guys have just commented. I think this palette would be even better if it had a matte lid/h.l. shade, but that's what I have the Lorac Pro for! So, when I need a little luxe shimmer, this is my go-to. The pigmentation is amazing, the texture is silky smooth like butter and there is little fall out. My only regret is accidentally ordering the one without the little nudie shot bodies on the front! All in all this is a great palette and I need to use it more!

Really great so far!

I'm still working through this palette, but its great so far! The lighter shades are a little dusty/not as pigmented but that can be fixed. I have no other Naked palettes so when this came out I knew I wanted to join in on the fun! I have other nude palettes comparable to the Nakeds so I figured I'll wait on all the other Nakeds and get the really new one. Super pretty so far! Love the packaging!

Love this scent but can't wear perfume anymore. Wahhhh.

I'm actually glad I have a super mini size of this because after many months of "random" headaches I realized they were all linked to my perfumes of choice! I gave up all scents and how have little to no headaches. Anyhoo, before I realized I had this crazy perfume sensitivity I had wanted this scent for literally eons. Instead of getting a really expensive full size or even small size I got the tiniest ever bottle of it at the drugstore. I actually advise getting the minis from the drugstore as it will still last for ever and you don't have to pay an arm and a leg for a lovely scent. I had just gotten a full size of Vera Wang's Pink Princess perfume and didn't have the moola to splurge big time. Love this scent- its so girly and anyone can wear it. When I gave up my scents I was sad, but soon got used to it. Too bad I didn't have more time with this precious scent! <3

Lovely shadow, but never use it! Important to note this is a UD Toasted dupe!

I'm giving this shadow a full star rating because its great, even though I never use it! When I typically have a lot of shadow palettes my singles fall by the wayside. However, when I got this I had wanted it so BADLY. I also have the 3 and 8 pan trios which were amaze and had UD dupes, but I was distracted by my other palettes and then almost ruined them while I tried to depot them! Anyway, the singles are super cheap and Nutty is for sure a UD Toasted dupe! Pretty much the same. If you really love Toasted but don't want to get a UD single of it, or buy one of the Nakeds, I'd get Nutty. Its like 2 or 3 dollars and its the same gorgeous color, luxe sheen and amazing quality. Just a touch softer, including the rest of WnW's eye shadow lines. <3

Best mascra I've had in a while. One of my faves, not HG status though

This has definitely joined my circle of fave mascaras, although I wouldn't say its the best ever. You only need 1 or 2 coats because if you go overboard it will clump. It adds length and definition with some volume, mostly at the base of the lashes. I love the natural, feathery effect it creates, almost giving your lashes a cat eye liner look. It really opens your eyes up. I'm afraid it might smear on my bottom lashes, and I might recall it being a little clump prone if applied to the lower set (can't be sure though). This is sooo much better than the Tarte's Lights, Camera, Lashes- total fail. I don't think the little ball on the end is particularly helpful for anything, but the brush is nice. All in all its pretty great but not insanely out of this world. It looks the best when lashes are curled and holds a curl well, too. It is kinda hard to get off, and its hard to get it all off the first time around.

Kinda dry, much prefer Jordana easy liner for lips and Sorme lip pencils

On my second ever MAC trip I made sure to grab some lippies and liners. I chose Oak for nude lip lining and it pairs really well with Myth. I chose the ever hyped Nightmoth and it works well with Dubonnet (or any of my oxblood colors). I also got Naked Liner as an inner rim liner, similar to the Pixi one. I also thought it would come in handy for really mod/nude lips, to line or blank out the natural lip color. I like the color of Oak, but have other nude color lip liners that are creamier and glide on better. I love Nightmoth but found dupes in Jordana's easy liner for lips. I like Rimmel London Scandaleyes Soft Kohl Kajal eye liner in Nude to open and brighten my water line way more than the Naked Liner because the Naked liner is sort of stiff and doesn't glide on with rich pigment- and I don't want to scratch my sensitive eye area. So out of all three I used Nightmoth the most. I think part of the problem as to why these aren't super creamy is the fact they might need to be sharpened and warmed up a lot before applying. So no hate, there. But I have found other lip liners that you slap on and look fantastic! For dirt cheap! (Jordana easy liner for lips).

Best lip liners I've ever used!

I had a good feeling about these. Jordana is a drugstore brand with serious pigmentation and amazing quality for a great price. That being said, I investigated a little with these and heard good things, so I was willing to try out a product that is not super hyped, nor is on the crazy popularity radar. These are a hidden WIN. Everyone should have these! They are so cheap, have tons of product and are retractable. You don't need to sharpen them and the shade range is insane! I like these better than MAC's lip pencils and they are similar to Rimmel London's exaggerate lip liners but unlike the Rimmel ones, are strong and don't crumble or break. I like my MAC lip pencils but they are a little dry and stiff, while these are creamy MAC dupes that glide smoothly on any lip, dry or otherwise. I went a little overboard with these and ended up purchasing Cabernet (Nightmoth dupe), Plush Plum, Terra Kiss, Sedona Red, Rockin' Rose, Tawny, and Silver Lilac. The first three I mentioned are amazing for vampy lips, Sedona Red is perfect for a pin up pout, Rockin' and Tawney are amazing for adding definition to nude lips and Silver Lilac adds a little kick to a pink lip. All of these liners look and work amazingly as lip colors- go ahead and fill in the whole lip, and you have a beautiful lipstick, that won't be drying. I can't say enough about these. I'd say these are as good as the NYX liners. Both are cheap, pigmented and creamy. What's not to love? For the availability and price, (any Walgreen's) you need to try at least one! They also work amazingly with my other drugstore faves, the WnW Megalast lipsticks.

Love the coverage and silky feel, minorly emphasizes dry T-zone

It took me awhile to find the right shade for my NN foundation, so after using the lightest shade of the powder I realized I needed a shade down. I like the silky coverage and high pigment. I always use the NN foundation, the corresponding powder, and MAC's MSF and its a lovely outcome each time. I don't think its noticeable in the least to anyone but me, but if I look up close at my notoriously dry T-zone the powder does emphasize my flakes a little bit. Again, its not noticeable to anyone or in photographs. Even when I exfoliate the day I wear the powder it stills seems to clump there. No worries, though because my face looks great, especially using the NN foundation. (Some people found that the foundation makes them flaky). Love the packaging- very chic and has a relatively good mirror. Threw the puff away. This works great with my fave powder brush the EcoTools bamboo bronzer brush.

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