Pomegranate Serum

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Julianne J.
Nice as a sample, want to try more theBalm skincare stuff!

This wasn't super amazing, but was really nice to try as a sample, (From Sephora). It piqued my interest in trying other theBalm skincare products...and obviously more of their makeup! I love the packaging and style of their brand, and would love to own one of their really cute skincare bottles. This had a slightly tart smell, but not really reminiscent of pomegranates. If you're looking for a fake scent, this feels more organic and less scent invasive. I am sensitive to fragrance, so this was nice to not get a headache from. I liked the creamy consistency and ability to absorb in seconds to my parched skin! I loved that my sample was pretty hefty and I could get maybe 5 uses out of it. I'd say if you're in the mood to try something different, go for it, but their skincare is not cheap, to say the least.