Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum


Sarah W.
A perfume staple

I am literally on my third bottle. It smells sweet and fruity and has a rather distinguishable scent amongst those on the market. The only upside/downside depending on what type of person you are, is that it's a rather strong scent and at times, if I spray too much, it causes me to get a headache. And to be honest, I prefer this to the other Juicy Couture perfumes.

Lillee J.
Breath Of Fresh Floral

I really love the Juicy Couture perfume line however it doesn't last long which is why I have rated this 4/5 stars. Now I had received the double ended rollerball with Viva La Juicy, and the Noir edition- I prefer Noir as it is more seductive HOWEVER, this fragrance has a wonderful balance of morning florals meaning it isn't too strong BUT will definitely make you smell and feel refreshed which is odd because it mimic warm tones? hmm.

Mas Y.

great scent all day long...just a spritz it will lingers on you. a great bday gift to your bff too. price quite reasonable for such a scent. got to have another bottle.

Sam R.

Sorry but I did not care for this fragrance, it's not strong but it gives me a headache regardless. I was given the smallest size as a gift and couldn't even get past half of of the bottle

Samantha S.

Viva La Juicy is a beautiful perfume. I love it 10x more than the original "Juicy Couture" which I dislike the scent. I have the biggest bottle and used it once. . It's not my style. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves perfume as much as I do. You can get it anywhere, (Macys, Sephora, Ulta, even CVS has it) I also have the little bottle of the matching hand lotion which I use along with the perfume and it lasts me all day!

Lexie F.

I love this perfume! Especially during winter. I get complimented every time I wear it. it's long lasting and has sorry of a juicy but spicy smell at the same time.

Airemix A.
Very strong

It's a little bit like the perfume my grandma used to wear. A little goes a long way. It has a good scent, just a bit too much of it. Better for a winter scent for sure.

Olivia K.

I got this last Christmas and I loved it. It was strong enough to only use a few squirts. Over 5 squirts would have been very over-bearing. But I loved the scent so much it was a re purchase for me! The bottle is really pretty and I had carried this around in my purse which I throw around a lot and I dropped it and the bottle didn't bust. Love this!!!!

Renay T.

This is by far one of my favorite scents in my collection. First of all, the packaging is fabulous. It has a very sweet strong scent that is just indescribable! I love it -- so does my mister -- WIN! Definitely recommend to the ladies who love very sweet scents!

Frannie B.

I've been using this fragrance for years and I always get compliments from women AND MEN! The smell lasts a long time and it's perfect to wear during any time of the year.