Juicy Couture

Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum


Korie B.
Men and women love it!!

A staple to have in your perfume collection. This perfume never gets old !! Ive never met someone it didnt smell good on, its that perfect. I wear it almost every day and its still turning heads!!

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Leslie M.
Totally in LOVE with this perfume!

I absolutely love this perfume! I wear it everywhere! The smell is absolutely fantasic. The first time I put it on I thought it was to strong but now i'm in love. I don't use any other. I think it's one of the best ones that Juicy Couture has. I would definitely recommend this to everyone! :)

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Evyan R.

I never wore perfume on a regular basis before Viva La Juicy. I'm finishing up my second bottle in an ongoing 3 year affair with this scent. And when I started wearing this in the office I got an extreme amount of positive comments about how wonderful I smelled. I've been stopped in Ikea, the grocery store and department stores by other women asking what perfume I was wearing. "Viva la Juicy" I respond, breathy and with a hedonistic wink. And then I walk off into the sunset, hips rockin' back and forth. Annnnd of course that last parts not true, but that's what it makes me feel like i should or could do. :)

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Tina Marie C.
Smells Amazing!

This is my Summer scent. It's sweet, fruity and not overly powered by floral scents. I'm pretty picky about my perfumes because if it's too strong I'll get a migraine but the scent of this is just the perfect sweetness. I love everything about this perfume. From the scent to the bottle, I'm beyond impressed!

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Emily H.
Love This!

Absolutely love this perfume! My friend actually has this, and whenever I'm at her house thats what I smell whenever I walk into her room. It smells absolutely amazing, and so elegant. I just love it so much, I wish I could get a bottle myself!

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Naoise G.

Sophisticated and sexy. A scent you remember once you smell it, expensive but worth it! A great pressie to get for a birthday or christmas. The cutest bottle as well, suitable for any age, it's not one bit overpowering either, it's just right. Definitely my favorite scent :)

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BeautybyA J.

This is by far the best fragrance that Juicy Couture has. If you like a sweet flowery smell it is perfect for you! I also love the design of the bottle, very classy & cute.

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Katherine R.
Smell Great!! =)

Love it. Have to purchase my 2nd bottle soon.... My go to perfume now. =) I adore the ribbon tied around the bottle. All i do is spray a couple times on my hair and im good to go. My husband loves it and i get compliments at work all the time. "Whoa what is that your wearing, smells great!" lol.... i could keep going. Try for yourself, if you haven't. =)

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Sarah W.
A perfume staple

I am literally on my third bottle. It smells sweet and fruity and has a rather distinguishable scent amongst those on the market. The only upside/downside depending on what type of person you are, is that it's a rather strong scent and at times, if I spray too much, it causes me to get a headache. And to be honest, I prefer this to the other Juicy Couture perfumes.

Samantha S.

Viva La Juicy is a beautiful perfume. I love it 10x more than the original "Juicy Couture" which I dislike the scent. I have the biggest bottle and used it once. . It's not my style. I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves perfume as much as I do. You can get it anywhere, (Macys, Sephora, Ulta, even CVS has it) I also have the little bottle of the matching hand lotion which I use along with the perfume and it lasts me all day!