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Pleasantly surprised, hydrating, beatiful dewey skin

On my last larger makeup haul I made sure I grabbed the more affordable travel size. On that haul I finally decided to see what the fuss was about, plus I was majorly upping my foundation game and wanted to make sure I could set my facial works of art. I love the scent and the cooling sensation, and I love how dewey and fresh my skin looks before it dries down more. The travel size is the perfect size and I can see it lasting for a long time. I'd say this keeps my foundation from transferring the way it normally could. Before this spray I'd touch my cheeks with my fingers to test the transfer factor and could see foundation on my finger tip pads. After using this spray there is far less that gets on my fingers when I do a little test. In some areas my skin seems smooth and the foundation feels less gunky. Yes, hairspray supposedly works the same, and yes this is probably actually watered down hairspray for way more money, but it feels hydrating, smells great, makes me feel like a primping princess, and is lighter and less pore clogging than actual hairspray potentially is. I'd say if you have a little more money to spare before you check out at Ulta or Sephora, grab this. Its not perfect, but there is some difference. I prefer it even more for its hydrating properties, so girls with dry skins might love this.

From the HD Complexion Starter Kit, My Go-to Primer

I got to try out this primer because it came with the MUFE HD Complexion Starter Kit, which had a really nice selection of face products. I always use this primer before using the HD foundation because that foundation is not super moisturizing, and I have super dry skin. This primer is more of a creamy lotion, as mentioned before, and is quite moisturizing, although my t-zone is still a dry problem area. It adds a beautiful glow to the skin and makes the foundation more luminous. The more you layer the foundation the less dewey the look, so keep that in mind if you use those two products together, because the foundation is incredibly full coverage. I love the fresh, skincare-like scent and my dry skin immediately drinks it in. I like that its not a silky, silicone primer because I don't really like the texture of those. I would love to use this in combo with another foundation, TM or what have you to see if it still maintains that beautiful glow when its initially applied. The last foundation I used was super dewy and I didn't need a primer, but this foundation is way too drying, so this primer is a must. I think they work together quite well. I'm interested in trying the serum that is in the same line as the HD Primer and HD Foundation. All in all I had similar experiences as Ariel, Rhonda and Kikikulala, so that might shed light on its dependability.

Great Blush brush, although I prefer the Contour brush for blush

I love RT brushes and this is a great blush brush. Its light, fluffy bundle guarantees a soft, natural application to the cheeks. Its a great brush for very pigmented blushes because you can add small amounts, building the color to the intensity you want. I actually prefer the Contour brush as a blush brush because its smaller, thus more precise, but I do like the way this brush applies color to the skin. I gotta get in the habit of using it more, especially because its a multi-use brush!

I don't use the whole set, but love RT brushes! I like to use the Contour brush as a blush brush!

I don't use every brush in the set- partly because I prefer to use a beauty sponge for foundation, and partly because I haven't found a use for the others, but I do like the brush that is labeled as a Contour brush. I use this brush as a precision blush blush. I like the RT Blush brush but find myself reaching for the Contour brush because its smaller and more precise. All in all, love the RT brushes. I would be delighted if they added more brushes to their collection and made them available at ALL WalMarts, Targets and drugstores! For such a reasonable price point I wish I could find them outside of Ulta or online.

Otherwise known as my highlighter brush!

I love RT Brushes and it took me AGES to get my hands on some! I like to use this as a highlighter brush because it so small and precise, especially when highlighting the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, cheekbones and chin. I used to use the EcoTools bamboo bronzer brush for highlighting but switched to this light, agile brush because the the EcoTools has a thick, bulky handle and huge bundle. I still use the EcoTools one to set my foundation with powder, but this brush has taken its place in the highlighting category. A must have brush, cheap but great quality!

Has become an everyday staple!

I am known to use products that aren't HG everyday, or when I do makeup. (Until I get sick of them and move onto something better, lol). They're pretty good and they become part of my everyday routine. Its easy to form habits! The color isn't spot on, as its a little red toned, but it blends in nicely. I like that the stub is retractable and has an interesting oval shape to cover more area. Its not super creamy, but not too dry. I don't use the brush on one side and I'm always pulling off the wrong cap because its two sided and one side has a brown cap, so I think that's the side with the pencil! Lol. I am still dying to use more ABH stuff, but I'm also really into NYX and super happy that they have a selection in my local CVS, better for me to sample away! I think why I find this pencil so useful and that I've used it everyday, even without other face makeup is that my eyebrows are not very dark, especially compared to my head hair. They appear lighter and a little sparser. I minimally groom using an eyebrow razor every 3 weeks and have been enjoying filling them in with this pencil everyday to maintain their shape, but also create the illusion of more "normal" brows, or else they sorta get lost on my face, and especially in pictures. I'd say get this if you're in need of a brow pencil because its cheap, easy to find, and nice to use before you splurge on a ABH product, for example. I don't use this pencil when doing a full face because its not dramatic enough, but for everyday, I like the natural look it provides. Try it out! I wouldn't call it HG but certainly "everyday".

Beautiful finish, photographs exceptionally but you need to know how to handle it. Not super hyrdrating, be careful on dry skin.

So, I finally got matched at Sephora after realizing I always wore the wrong shades of my fave foundation, Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation. I looved the luminous, hydrating finish and how it never looked cakey, no matter how much I applied. But I realized that although I had the first three shades, none of them matched! I don't know why I picked this one, but my other wishlist foundation was the NARS Sheer Glow, but I think my Sephora was out :( I love that this is a light foundation with yellow/neutral undertones. I've come to realize (after a little blog snooping and trial and error) that you need ONLY 1 PUMP. This is extremely concentrated and pigmented, and it works best for me with a sponge to gently disburse the pigment around the face, slowly blending it into your natural skin tone. I noticed with only 1 pump, my face already looked "done". How could it only take a few dabs and look done? Well, this foundation blends in with my skin tone whilst letting some of your skin show through. It doesn't make your face look like a mask with only 1 tone/shade. The areas of your face that are lighter and darker still show through, it just evens everything out. It almost looks like you're not wearing any, especially in photographs. And this is really an HD foundation. It looks superb in photographs. My face looks so natural and fresh. But there are a few minor issues. You cannot overdo this, especially if you have dry skin!! I made the mistake of using two pumps and using a buffing brush because I felt I wanted more uniform coverage, but someone actually commented on how cakey it looked, especially around my problem area of around the nostrils. Because there is so much pigment suspended in a small pump of liquid you don't need to use that much. I find this foundation to not be very hydrating, and although I've used a bunch of different primers it clings to dry patches and accentuates them, AKA forehead and nose. So, I try to add very little in those areas. I sort of crave a more dewey, hydrating finish, instead of having to gingerly apply very small amounts, avoiding problem areas. I've since read that this foundation is hard to work with on dry skins because its not very wet or hydrating. It is really lightweight though, especially since you need so little. So, I think I would like the Sheer Glow or something like Armani's Luminous Silk even better because of the extra hydration on my dry areas and the built in highlight. I do think this is a fantastic foundation, but its harder to work with if you're really dry.

Unexpected new fave and BEAUTIFUL liquid highlighter!

So I'm still on the quest to find a creamy liquid concealer that will double as an upper cheek highlight when I highlight and contour. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer is still on my wishlist and while the stellar Maybelline Age Rewind concealer is amazing for concealing I couldn't find a shade light enough for that Kim K under the eye highlight. So, I looked at the reviews for these and picked the fair shade, the lightest one. While it doesn't brighten and lighten the areas I want in the sense that its lighter than my skintone and foundation match this highlights BEAUTIFULLY. I usually still wear the Loreal True Match Super Blendable crayon concealer for extra coverage with a little bit of this on top and all over the cheekbone, nose, forehead, chin and cupid's bow. As creamy and wet as it is it doesn't make my primary undereye concealer crease. It makes my skin look luminous, hydrated and fresh. I want to mix some into my foundation to switch it to a dewy glow instead of its more matte finish, its that good! Its almost like Benefit's High Beam in a concealer wand, but still somehow better. So its not exactly what I was looking for, but it adds luminosity and dimension to my face, and just creates the best finish to top off my foundation. I love the little stream lined object and it fits perfectly in my acrylic makeup organizer on top of my vanity. I STILL want the NARS concealer, but I am pretty happy with how glowy and dewey this concealer makes me look! Its perfect as a base for a powder highlight, if you really want to kick it up a notch! <3 Plus, the price point is great.

Not happy with my first try.

I was so stoked to get this awhile back, but wasn't pleased with the first try. My face looked greasy and orange, with a definite line of demarcation between my neck and face. My neck/chest looked pretty pale, and my face, a tad orange. I noticed this especially in photos with natural light. I have plenty of other makeup products to play with and didn't feel like wasting time to make it work. I don't believe this was too expensive, but it was a let down, nonetheless. I LOVE Rimmel London products so I was a little bummed, but not really upset about it. It doesn't change how I feel about their other fantastic products.

Very nice, light face oil.

I also got a sample of this in one of my Sephora orders. I love Sephora samples because they always give you a hefty amount in each packet. I still have a ton left in mine because you only need a pinch of oil to coat your whole face. For comparison, I'd say on the face this feels lighter than coconut oil and is a little less greasy. It absorbs well but still moisturizes with a subtle sheen throughout the day. I like the scent- its very light and barely there, and not overly natural smelling, which can be too much for me. I'm not sure I would get the full size because I have trouble sticking with oils long term, even though they work amazing for my skin (its a texture thing). I love that this also doubles as a primer and I feel like it might give a gorgeous glow to my face when I wear makeup. So, its great for moisturizing and priming, which is great because I live for multitasking products! I'd say if you're new to oils, have oily skin in particular and like a lighter oil, kinda like coconut, try this. This would work for any skin, especially dry and dehydrated (like mine) but wouldn't feel too oily for an already oily skin. It is important to mention that overly oily skin can be caused by a lack of moisture and hydration on the skin, so your face makes more oil to compensate.

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