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Great netural palette with an ever better price point!

Sleek is brand I got really interested in about a year ago, especially when makeup XMAS shopping. I almost wish I liked in the UK so I could have even easier access to these products via pharmacies! What I really like about Sleek is their amazing prize point coupled with the quality. In that way they remind me a little of NYX. Besides this palette, which I got a little on a whim, I wanted to get their blushes last year, and their contour kit/blush/face kits this year. Although I am nearly drowning in neutral eye shadow palettes (happily drowning :D) I find this one to be really useful. I love the sleek (pun intended) portability and compact feel for it, its little and easy to throw in a makeup bag when traveling, and the packaging is sturdy and really cute. I love this for quick, easy looks, but it has the ability to create some lovely dark smokey eyes. I love grey and golden rod/orange shades and this has both. It also has great lid/tearduct highlight shades as well as crease shades. The bottom row has a dark brown, and a reddish dark brown- so I use those shades on the base and tail of my brows. It creates a really beautiful brow. So this eye palette also doubles as brow kit, which sometimes I use this more as! Although I've had it for a year, there are still shades I have left to explore, and looks to make, but I'm in no rush. If you're looking for a cheaper Naked dupe or neutral palette but don't want to skimp on quality, please think about this! The only con might be the fact you have to order online, and I've heard the customer service can be sub-par. But its worth the risk. This came perfectly packaged without an imperfection in sight. I definitely recommend Sleek to makeup lovers and especially beginners. You can't beat the price coupled with great quality. They also have a really extensive range of eyeshadow palettes, so there is something for everyone, no matter their color preference! I also really love the affixed mirror- it stays pretty clean and is so crisp and clear. Very helpful for using the palette, especially when I do my brows.

Love this brand, great product

I stumbled upon this brand when I was scared the heat induced hives I was getting were from a wheat allergy found in my lotions and potions. The body lotion, shampoo and this cleanser from Desert Essence are great. This has a delicious, fruity scent and feels silky smooth on skin. I use a little after exfoliation to bring a little moisture back to my face. The pump is quite handy. It smells so good and feels like the real deal, and looks like the real deal- its brown and liquidy, but don't let that scare you. I can't wait to work my way through the entire Desert Essence brand. Their website is also super helpful because it specifies which products contain gluten, and also lists what doesn't go into their products. Super cool.

Best all natural shampoo and awesome brand

So, lately I've been more conscious of the products I use due to food allergies, sensitive skin and now a fragrance sensitivity! I was having issues with regular shampoo- it was really hard to wash out, and even if I had shampooed correctly that sensation still remained with me. I stumbled upon this brand at my local co-op and liked it for my body lotion in the same scent, so I knew this was my next choice. Its super creamy and hydrating. When you put it on and rinse off, its not the same sensation as with regular shampoo. It doesn't really wash off the same way, it sort of stays in and conditions your hair. Its great, because when you use regular shampoo and you don't really rinse it out, it feels gross, however this is the same if you use wayy too much your hair will feel a little gunky. This keeps hair sooo shiny and healthy, it makes my hair look beautiful. Because of its creamy texture and conditioning factor, I don't even need conditioner. There is one shampoo/conditioner line that doesn't skeeve me out, but I'm pretty happy with this for the most part. The bottle also lasts for eons, and my boyfriend also prefers using this to "normal" shampoo. I'm so happy I discovered this brand, I've liked almost everything I've tried from it. I wouldn't recommend this to girl's with oily scalps or fine hair- since its made with natural oils, it might weigh your hair down and make you feel greasy. I think this shampoo would work for normal to dry/curly hair, as it would condition and moisturize dry, damaged hair, and define curls.

Wipe-aholic but returning to my go-to

I am a bit of a wipe sampler, and I love variety. Why I veered away from my go-to, not so sure. I find all of the Yes To products the added fragrance doesn't really jive with the supposed ingredients. The fragrance is nice, but always sort of random. I am now am pretty sensitive/allergic to added fragrance so I wouldn't repurchase now, but they were OK when I used them up. I also would like to add to the fact they feel a little dry- and I'm starting to think ALL of the makeup wipes nowadays feel a little less damp within their packs. The texture I think was a little rough, not as smooth as my go-to, but I've felt rougher. I'm sort of over the Yes To products in some ways- they are kinda expensive, and sometimes mediocre. I would try this if you're in the mood for changing around your wipes, but its not an HG product.

Love this product, wrong shade for me

So, on my first ULTA trip this past summer, I got hooked into getting this. I wasn't even looking for a highlighter until this sales chick wrangled me over (of course I love highlighters as similar as they can be- all chock full of mica). She showed me this beautiful silver compact with a gorgeous, luxe highlighter nestled within. There's a good deal of product in the compact, despite the price. It looked peachy beige in store, but when I swatched it on my cheekbone, the opalescence shimmer stood out, not the peachy tone. I was hooked right away and she knew it! Spotlight was their last one in stock, and of course they wanted to get rid of it that day. It was dim outside and the bright lighting deceived me into thinking it wasn't so coppery. When I wore it at home and swatched it, the peachy shade really stood out. Sometimes it would photograph really well, other times the peach shade would stand out and made me look tanned where I didn't want to look bronzed! So I'm still a little miffed that I got sold the wrong shade and the best way I can rock this is just on the cheekbones with a similar peachy bronze shade. I love the creamy texture of this and I KNOW that Luminous would be PERFECT for me. My next Ulta trip this fall was also OK with a somewhat rude sales girl who wasn't at all interested in helping me. The nearest Ultas to me are all three hours away, so despite the minor disappointments they are still a treat for me. So, just make sure you get the right hue. That being said this is one of the BEST highlighters on the market!

So good, I want more MAC brushes. More interested in MAC's blending brush now.

This is my first MAC brush. When I got it I was torn between getting the blending brush or this. So I chose this. I've gotten a lot of use out of it and its been my most used eye brush! Its a great pencil brush for precise shadow application on the lash line, but it makes a great all over lid shader brush, inner corner highlight, and crease brush in a pinch. Its great for making soft cat eyes with darker shadow. It blends beautifully and I love the thick, tight bundle. However, I'm more than ready to transition to the blending brush. I've been using the 219 for more than its intended use (which is great) but I'm ready to use the blending brush for its intended purpose, and not have to always use the 219! MAC brushes are notoriously expensive so I wouldn't say this is a MUST have, but you're paying for great quality and its a great brush to have. I find myself gravitating to this more than my other smudger/detail brushes but that might not be the case for you. There are plenty of comparable brushes for wayyy cheaper.

Used it to the last drop!

Hey, Guys! Haven't written a review in EONS!

So, I've been treating my body healthier, inside and out- especially since I'm dealing with a ton of food allergies and sensitivities. I thought I was allergic to Vitamin E because it can be sourced from wheat, but realized the hives I was getting was from a hot change in temperature! So when I bought this, I was looking for something really natural and stripped down, but still had that creamy, nicely scented drugstore lotion feeling. This fits the bill! I'm now avoiding all fragrance (headaches) but when I got this, the scent was not too overpowering. It had a true coconut scent, with maybe a hint of vanilla. It spread evenly and richly, loved the creamy texture. The packaging is very nice and the price is OK. I got it at my local co-op but you can find this brand in some grocery stores. Desert Essence is my new favorite brand because it excludes so many ingredients but has such a luxurious quality, that is sure to make you feel clean. The price point is a little higher but still in the grocery store range. Its such a great brand and I hope it catches on. I would definitely repurchase the other ones, now that I know they weren't causing my hives, but I'd need to be careful, due to my fragrance sensitivity.

  • 04
Beautiful, eggplant, vampy lip!

If you are into vampy, deep purple lips and want something cheap but pigmented, this is the lippie for you. 04 is a very pigmented eggplant purple. With two swipes you'll have reached maximum opacity but it can easily be sheered out to a lovely purple lip stain for the faint of heart. If you're a little wary of oxblood/dark lips or any lipstick shades for that matter, sheering it out and wearing it like a lipstain is a great way to wade into something different. (Just pat on in thin layers and blot as you go). This lippie is creamy with a nice satin shine. The bullet has a very faint smell of vanilla which is undetectable when worn. Dupe wise, this shade is very similar to Wet n Wild's Mega Last lipstick in Vamp it Up. If you can't find Vamp it Up and are desperate for that gothy lip, this would make a great alternative and for only a few bucks more. This shade looks great over a dark purple lip-liner for extra precision and color pay-off and over black eyeliner as lip liner you can really deepen the shade. The packaging is wicked cute, and I love Rimmel London- and now I want to try more of these Kate Moss endorsed lippies! This is an all around sound lippie and even if you would only wear this for special occasions, or Halloween, its worth having as a staple shade in your lipstick arsenal!

Review on the Fiesta Set lip glaze trio

Last year there was a summer themed lip glaze trio which featured the shades Kitten, Maraca and Pinata. The set was 12 dollars at Sephora near the register, and I had already planned on getting it, since these have been so hyped over the years. I have a Stila shadow palette which is great so I figured the glosses would also be great! The click pen is OK- it does get a little gloopy on the brush which will transfer to the cap, but that's easy enough to clean if it gets too messy. I feel like it takes a little while to crank the product up and you usually will get more than a lip application's worth, but that's OK. You also don't get a ton of product in these pens- only .05 fl. ounces. To me, that's OK since I only use these occasionally. Texture wise they are thick and sticky but that a good thing because it insures your gloss won't simply evaporate off your lips or fade away, as most cheap glosses do. The plastic brush head works well enough for application but I can't guarantee it is sanitary- its really meant for personal use, although you could sanitize it if you needed to. Cons aside, I don't mind a little goopiness if it serves the purpose of lengthening wear time!

Color wise Kitten is probably my fave of the trio (I realized she is missing and am a wee bit panicky). Its a color that is in the permanent line if you will, and I assume its included in their other sets- possibly the holiday ones? Its a gorgeous pinky/nude/beige color with golden micro-glitter if I can recall accurately. I love it over nude lipstick, its an excellent companion. Maraca is a light, sort of medium pink, no glitter but high shine and has a fruity smell. It also would work great over a nude or light pink lippie. Pinata is a fun one- bright, juicy pink with gold micro-glitter and a fake peach/fruity smell. I like pairing this will purple on the eyes.

The package these came in was also cute- little colorful polka dots all over! So, all in all I really like these, but they are not 100% fuss-free. They all provide tremendous shine and great, durable, color pay off. They are very pigmented glosses, but not as much as a liquid lipstick. If you're tired of your lip glosses fading, losing shine or appearing pigmented in the package but wear only clear on, I've got the answer for you! These are one of those products that is more worth the hype it receives and maintains!

Review on Classic Tan, 260.

Classic Tan, 260 isn't listed on the database so it might be discontinued. I got this and a CG Cheeker's Blush in the discount cosmetics bin at the grocery store. It was packaged so you could see the inside of the pan, and the color looked, and still does, a nice cool-toned brown/beige. However, once applied with my Sonia Kashuk Small Multi-Purpose Powder Brush on the bridge of my nose (great brush for precision blending/highlighting/contouring/eyeshadow stuff) the color appears more orangey/redder/tawny. So it does the trick of contouring pretty well, it just doesn't wear true to the appearance in the pan. It also has a fake floral scent, that to some might be off-putting. I don't mind it, but I'd like it better without the added fragrance. The packaging is kinda clunky and boring, nothing too thrilling, although the teal compact is kind of a pretty color. So, I was psyched about this being my new contouring powder, and it does the trick, but its certainly not gonna be my one and only!

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