Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman

Setting Brush

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Lisa D.

I hope my man doesn't know that I have at least one of each of the Real Techniques brushes. Yep, they're that good. Cruelty-free. High quality. Well, you get the picture. Try them and you'll see what I mean! This setting brush is fabulous for applying my HD powder, especially I small areas, such as around the end of the nose and beneath the eyes. I love the soffffftttt touch. Check all my make-up bags for this one!

Julianne J.
Otherwise known as my highlighter brush!

I love RT Brushes and it took me AGES to get my hands on some! I like to use this as a highlighter brush because it so small and precise, especially when highlighting the bridge of the nose, cupids bow, cheekbones and chin. I used to use the EcoTools bamboo bronzer brush for highlighting but switched to this light, agile brush because the the EcoTools has a thick, bulky handle and huge bundle. I still use the EcoTools one to set my foundation with powder, but this brush has taken its place in the highlighting category. A must have brush, cheap but great quality!

Antiqus S.

if you are looking for a brush to apply your highlight with under your eyes....then look noo further. This brush delivers great coverage when applying my highlight. Now I really haven't used it for anything else, I bought is specifically for this reason. 1.) I dap my RT brush in my choice of concealer or highlight 2.) I dap under my eyes and spread evenly 3.) BLEND. BLEND. BLEND

4.) Take the same brush and apply just a little powder over where I've highlighted, to set


Darcy W.

I have 3 of these brushes in my kit. I use them mostly for setting powder under eye concealer then applying Ben Nye's banana powder to top it off. I also use it for highlighting, cleaning up contour and bronzer.

Real techniques brushes are amazingly soft and high quality.

Emily P.
I love this brush!

When I recevied this in the mail, it was actually smaller than I had thought it would be. But after using it a few times, it was so handy! I draw on my brows, and outline them with blended concealer so I need to set it with powder after words. I had been having issues with poking myself in the eye trying to blend the powder into my inner eye when I used my MAC brush, but this was perfect, and is super soft!

Rikki P.
My new favourite for setting undereye concealer.

This is the perfect brush for me, personally, when I want to apply setting powder on top of my undereye concealer. You could also use it for highlight on the cheekbones or anywhere you want to highlight, but I'm just using it for setting concealer right now. Maybe I need to buy a second one? LOL!

Here's a little tidbit from my blog post... it's the second half of my review with another brush:

"Now there is the Setting brush that I use to put powder under my eyes. To some, it may be a little too big for under the eyes. It does cover my whole under eye area. When I want to get powder in the corner of my eyes, I just use the tip and my problem is solved. It is also very soft like the Expert Face brush. This Setting brush does not have any shedding whatsoever.

I used to use a fluffy EcoTools brush to set my concealer, but I think I'll be sticking with this from now on. I love everything about the RT brush more."