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These Polishes are Great!

Sinful Colors Professional nail polishes are some of the best. They come in variety of colors and can be purchased online or at your local Walgreens. Walgreens is where I purchased three Sinful Colors Professional nail polishes in Frenzy, Oasis and Glass Pink, and they only cost $1.99 which is very reasonable considering some of the prices I have seen for nail polishes. I love to wear these colors all year round and with Frenzy and Glass Pink I like to pair them with other colors although they can be worn alone too. I like my nails to be nice, colorful, and dramatic and I am able to achieve this with Sinful Colors Professional. FRENZY: Is a really dark purple with blue, pink, and purple glitter mixed in and this looks gorgeous on your nails. Depending on how the light hits it, it can look like a different color. OASIS: Is a nice bright pink that I love to wear doing the summer time because it brightens up any looks and it is a really funky color. GLASS PINK: Is a really light pink with some sparkle to it and I like to pair Oasis and Glass Pink together because they compliment each other very well. I recommend these polishes because they are so nice and smooth. There are some many colors to choose from every women will be able to find her right color. There is a mix of light, bright, and dark colors and I plan of definitely buying more Sinful Colors Professional nail polishes. When you apply these colors they have a natural shine to them so you do not need to add a top coat you can just put the polish on and go. Benefits: 1. Dries quickly 2. Great colors 3. Easy to apply 4. Nice shine 5. Does not chip

Love, Love, Love this blush

I was at one of my favorite stores Target and I was looking at the e.l.f. makeup section and I came across this blush and just from the color alone I knew that I wanted to try this. For the past few years I have been wearing the same blush from The ColorWorkshop and I thought that it was definitely time for a change!

I love the packaging of this blush it comes in a compact with a mirror and it has the name of the blush Candid Coral on the back of it. This blush feels very light weight and it goes on so nice and smooth and with this product you do not need a lot to get the color to show up on your cheeks. On my skin color it looks like a really nice light pink with a little bit of gold flecks I really like this blush and it gives my makeup a nice and fresh look.

The soft sheer texture blends into the skin for a silky finish. Designed to be worn alone or layered for more depth. Highlight your complexion with a subtle healthy glow. Today I am wearing this blush by itself but I will do a makeup look layering this blush with another and see how that turns. I recommend the brand e.l.f. because I have never bought a product that I did not like and this blush is a gorgeous color and I think Candid Coral is a perfect blush to wear doing the summer time.

These are my favorite lip glosses ever!

This brand is my favorite because their lip glosses not only smell yummy but they are very nice and go on your lips very smooth and thick. When you are wearing these lip glosses a little product goes a long way. I first started wearing these lip glosses when my twin sister bought me a few for our birthday a few years back and I have been hooked ever since.

I wear these lip glosses almost every day and there are so nice and shiny they look good by themselves or paired with lipsticks, I personally wear them both ways. When I wear makeup I like for my eyes to stand out and they do because of my eye shadow but in order for my look to be complete my lips have to be "popping" and they do with every time with Beauty Rush Lip Gloss!

I personally have 6 of these Beauty Rush Lip Glosses in: Hot Cocoanut, Strawberry Fizz, Twisted Citrus, Fuzzy Navel, Slice of Heaven, and Cocoa.

Mineral Veil minimizing lines, absorbing oils and softening your complexion it gives you a flawless finish. I absolutely love this product because I have very oily skin and this helps keep my face from being oily and shiny throughout the day. All you have to do is apply these products once in the morning or whenever you put your face on and you never have to reapply again. All of the products are infused with natural ingredients that allow you to sleep in your makeup without causing breakouts, however I personally do not sleep in my makeup and I don't really recommend this but to each it own so divas do whatever works for you!!!!

Great Product

Warmth adds rich velvety color to your complexion to give you a radiant, healthy looking hue. You can wear it over, under, or mixed together with any Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation. I always wear warmth with my foundation because I like that warm tan that it gives me without having to sit in the sun or go tanning because that is not healthy for your skin. Warmth compliments the foundation very nicely and although they both can be worn without the other they make a great pair that gives your face a nice flawless glow. Again you only need to use a little of the warmth which allows you to have the product for a good length of time.

  • Tan

Best Foundation Ever!!!!

I am a big fan of Bare Minerals products I think that they are of very high quality and I definitely recommend everyone woman to give Bare Minerals a chance and I am sure that you will instantly fall in love like I did. Bare Minerals Foundation gives you the flawless coverage you want with a naturally luminous finish that won't clump or cake. It's clinically proven to improve the appearance of your skin over time. The creamy minerals diminish the look of lines and wrinkles with out drying out your skin. I love this foundation because it also acts like a concealer and it covers all of my problems areas that I have on my face. When I wear this makeup I feel good because I know that my face looks flawless without be having to wear tons and tons of makeup. A little goes a long way with Bare Minerals and because of that the product last for a really long time. I know that $25.00 is a little steep for makeup but is last for a long time and you do not have to buy it every month or anything like that, mine personally last for a little over 3 months before I have to purchase it again. Bare Minerals Foundation comes in a variety of different shades to match with any skin color. This is a wonderful product.

This is a good shampoo!

I wanted to try this new shampoo and conditioner that I just recently purchased from Target. I usually use Head and Shoulders shampoo but lately I have been noticing that my scalp has been really dry and I wanted to try something new and see what else would work. I really liked this shampoo because it smelled really good and I could actually feel the shampoo tingling on my scalp and it felt really good. After I finished washing my hair I used the conditioner and I left the conditioner on for about an hour (I like to deep condition my hair) and when I rinsed it out my hair was very soft and very easy for me to comb out. This shampoo and conditioner came as a pack for about $6 and I bought Almond and Shea Butter this smells really good. I definitely will use this again and I recommend this to all you divas out there especially if you like moisturizing shampoo for dry and damaged hair. I recommend Suave Professionals for anyone who is looking for a new shampoo and conditioner to try out.

I love this brush; expect it sheds....

When I first purchased my entire Bare Minerals kit this brush came with it and I have been using it as a concealer brush. I really like how Bare Minerals brushes can be used for multiple things, I used this with my SPF 15 Foundation and it covers all of my problems areas very nicely and quick. You only need to apply a little of product on the brush and it gives you coverage all day long. This smooth, domed-shaped brush works beautifully with Bare Minerals Natural Light Face Lifting Duo and Well-Rested for Eyes. Maximize the brightening effects and add a lift to several areas of the face with this great tool. As a bonus, the light stroke brush helps blend and soften deep shadows. This brush is made of Takion and Pony Hair and can be purchased for $20 at <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a>. I love all of their brushes however my only negative thing to say is that they loose a lot of hair/bristles so while you are applying your makeup you will see hairs on your face that you will have to brush off once you are completely done. But other than that these brushes are fabulous.

I absolutely love this brush I purchased this when I was looking for a new eye shadow brush and when I purchased this from a Bare Minerals Boutique (at my local mall) the worker recommended this brush to me. This brush applies my eye shadow perfectly, exactly where I want it to cover and it goes on very smoothly. This brush is full of variety. Use it as an all-over lid brush for intense, opaque coverage. Use it to buff color on just your lower lid. Or use it as a crease contour brush if you want. No matter which way you go, enjoy full color intensity thanks to the tightly tapered, dome-shaped head. This brush costs $16 and is made of Pony and Ox hair.

This brush also came with my Bare Minerals Kit that I purchased and I use this brush to apply my Bare Minerals Foundation in Tan. This brush allows me to cover my face fully with minimal product which is one of my favorite things about this brush. It allows my foundation to smoothly blend in with my skin without caking or clumping which is always a plus. If you prefer more coverage, this versatile brush works great with Bare Minerals SPF 15 Foundation, All-Over-Face color, Blush and Mineral Veil. Get medium to full coverage and a broad range of easy, expert looking applications for a natural, seamless look. This brush costs $28 and although that is a little expensive for a makeup brush it is worth it because these brushes last for a very long time and of are a very high quality, which is something that you can not find everywhere.

I personally use this brush to apply my blush because I like the size of it and it blends in my blush really good with my skin color. This brush also came with my Bare Minerals kit. This lighter multi-purpose brush for the multi-taskers that we are, with its soft-tapered, semi-round bristles, this versatile brush works great with Bare Minerals SPF 15 foundation, All-Over-Face color, blush, and Mineral Veil. Get light to medium coverage and a broad range of easy, expert looking application.

Overall I would recommend these brushes to all of your pretty divas, they are of great quality and they last a long time, and remember all of these brushes can be used for whatever purpose you see fit. To purchase these brushes and other products look at <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> for pricing and any discounts they may have.

I love to wear these eye shadows wet!!

I shop at Victoria's Secret some times (not that often) and the first time that I ever heard of these eye shadows was when my twin sister purchased me five of them for our 23rd birthday and since that day I have loved them. These eye shadows come in a variety of colors and they even have duo eye shadows. The eye shadows that I personally own: • Glamerald • Gold Rush • Plum Crazy • Sparklewash • Flower Girl All of these eye shadows have a rich kick of color for the eyes and its soft pearl shadow delivers buildable color with a subtle shimmer. Divas for added intensity apply eye shadow with a wet brush. I love all of these colors however besides crazy plum and sparklewash which are my favorite because they are purple. I like to wear Gold Rush and Flower Girl as highlights right under my brow because they are so nice and pigmented and it only has a little shimmer in them so it looks perfect right under my brow bone. These colors can be worn together or by themselves, they will make you look gorgeous either way.

Depending on what look I am going for I apply these shadows to my lid or my entire eye and I love how bold and dramatic these colors look. I also wear them wet and I just apply a little bit of water to my eye shadow brush and then dip my brush in the eye shadow that I am going to wear that day. My favorite eye shadow to wear wet is Glamerald because of the color and the tiny flecks of shimmer really stand out. I also like to apply this eye shadow to set my eyeliner on my bottom lash line it looks so pretty.

All of these colors are very pigmented and you only need to apply a little bit to get the color to show up. As I am looking at my eye shadows I know these colors are very dark and bold but remember I am a dramatic girl and I know that some of you would not like these colors or wear them to work, school, church etc... But remember these shadows come in a lot of different colors so either stop by a Victoria's Secret store or shop online and I guarantee that you will find a color that suites you.

I would definitely recommend these wet/dry shadows to all of you ladies out there because these eye shadows can be worn in two different ways wet or dry. For those of you that are makeup artist like myself these are a must-have for your makeup collection they truly enhance your eye makeup. Although $7.00 is a little steep for one eye shadow Victoria's Secret is always have sales and deals for instance you can get 4/$20 and since you only need to apply a little these will last you for a while. I was also really impressed by their packaging because they are small in size which is great for me because I just through them in my makeup bag and I am ready to go (they do not take up a lot of room). On the back of each eye shadow it tells you the name of the eye shadow as well as the weight of the eye shadow. I really love how all of them are labeled with there own different names because I have some eye shadows and palettes that have no name whatsoever on them and as a makeup artist it makes it extremely difficult to try and tell a client or fellow makeup artist what colors you are using and how they can find the colors themselves.

I Love this Eye Shadow!

This was my first time ever wear this type of eye shadow and just like with the other product I was very impressed. The Prime Color Creme Eye Shadow I wore is in Decadent and it was so pretty as soon as I put it on my lids I just fell in love with the color and texture. I was worried that it would take a long time to dry but it dried within seconds and I was to apply my eyeliner and my face was complete. This product sale for $27.00

Use of this Product: This super creamy color is for shading your lids. This liquid shadow adds shimmer, color and drama (which I love) to the lids. Packaged in a pen-like tube, the eye shadow glides on with ease and dries to a crease-proof finish. These products are great to be worn together or separate and they will make very woman feel GORGEOUS I recommend both of these products which come in different colors and can be purchased online at <a href='' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'></a> Please check it out.

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