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Beauty Rush Lip Gloss

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Jaclyn N.

Great gloss for on the go! I started using these 8 years ago in high school and still like them. The color pay off is good for the price and they have such a large range of colors. They make your lips look and feel plumper. The ones I have tried have a tingly sensation. It is a little bit stickier but other than that not bad!

Zoe N.

Drying and smells not so good. The only thing is its brand name. Feel so unreal on my lips. Once i opened sealing it gets messy and my make up bag filled with stickyness.

Chelsea R.

I love this lip gloss. I have a couple of them and they last quite a while. It is thick but it it's not too thick. The smells and colors are outstanding and they have more then 2 of them to choose from. Yes it's a lip gloss so it will be a little sticky but if you apply correctly and don't overdue it you should be just fine.

Donna T.
Love these products!!

I've been buying these for years and I absolutely love everything about them. They're not very pigmented so the color is usually really sheer and shimmery. The gloss is also really thick, kind of like MAC glosses, and I'm a fan of that. I don't think they still have it but they had a color called Candy Apple Red, or something like it. It wasn't really red, but definitely gave your lips a red tinge.. it was gorgeous!

Ivelisse F.
Beauty Rush Alright!

I love this lipgloss. It is kinda sorta sticky, but not in a way that it will annoy you. The smell is also a plus. The colors make you want to buy them all.

Tori H.

This lip gloss is pretty good. I originally got it, for a performance so I could have glossy red lips. After I tried it, I loved it. The gloss is shiny and sparkly, and the type I got tastes like cherries, whole doesn't like the classic cherry flavored lip gloss? It's perfect for a performance, or a date night.

Kassidy W.

my favorite lip gloss! tastes and smells very good! only bad thing about it is that it is a little sticky! but if i put a little chapstick on before applying the lip gloss equals less stickiness! but overall great :)

Victoria E.
My favorite gloss!

I absolutely LOVE these lip glosses! I always buy them 5 for $20 and I've accumulated hundreds over the years and have a huge collection. They're extremely shiny, create smoothness and the appearance of fullness, and smell delish. My favorite glosses are Sugar High, Cupquake, Bubble It Up, and Cherry Bomb.

Perry S.
Love love love

Definitely gives my lips a beautiful plump look! I love its fruity scent. However,it feels sticky but I wouldn't mind as long as it gives my lips a nice shine.

Kimberly O.

I have the this in Yummy Berry it smells & taste like the sour punch straws candys! . I love the color and the way it feels on my lips. Best to use when your hair is up, they are super sticky!

All in All a nice lip gloss- as long as your not kissing anyone!