Bare Escentuals

Mineral Veil


Julia K.

This mineral veil makes your skin look radiant! It gives you a glow, and it makes you look so healthy! This works best as a setting powder, but I find that you can use this as a highlight powder to achieve the same effect!

Christina L.
Wouldn't want to live without it!

I love the entire line of Bare Escentuals, but I couldn't live without my Bare Minerals, including the Mineral Veil. I use this to set my makeup, and especially my under eyes, after I use concealer. Keeps everything in place all day long. You don't have to worry about touch ups, ever.

Laura W.
Perfect Finishing Product

I absolutely love this product. I have oily skin and apply this after my foundation to keep the shine down. It works great! But its not just a product for oily skin. My daughter uses it as well and she has dry skin. It makes her face look flawless.

Renae L.

Great product.It doesn't give you that white powder face that some other setting powders give you.It really sets your foundation and gives you that complete flawless look.It keeps your face shine free and if you need to touch up during the day or night it doesn't cake up leaving you looking like you just applied yor makeup.

Lily B.

This is great to set your foundation. It leaves your face looking hydrated and flawless. You just have to be careful not to put too much on or else your face will look too white. But the perfect amount works wonders :)

Bethan L.
Great product!

I love Mineral Veil, it really finishes off your look. It helps prevent my make-up from melting while I'm out partying, PLUS stop your face from going too shiny. It's compact so it's easy to carry around, and the powder is delicate an light on your skin. Couldn't ask for a better finishing powder.

Chantel K.
Photo of product included with review by Chantel K.

Mineral Veil minimizing lines, absorbing oils and softening your complexion it gives you a flawless finish. I absolutely love this product because I have very oily skin and this helps keep my face from being oily and shiny throughout the day. All you have to do is apply these products once in the morning or whenever you put your face on and you never have to reapply again. All of the products are infused with natural ingredients that allow you to sleep in your makeup without causing breakouts, however I personally do not sleep in my makeup and I don't really recommend this but to each it own so divas do whatever works for you!!!!

Anna S.
Love love love.
Photo of product included with review by Anna S.

I just started using Bare Escentuals, and I love the line! The Mineral Veil is one of my favorite things about the line. I can wear my makeup the whole day without feeling oily. I wore this makeup for the first time at prom and it made my makeup look awesome the ENTIRE night :)

Cassandra C.
I can't live without it

the tag says it all. I wear no other powder. It feels so silky on the skin. I also like that it diffuses your blush and bronzer a hint so you get a nice natural look.

Ellen B.
Wonderful Setting Powder

This works great as a setting powder. Its the only thing I ever use to set my makeup. It goes on light as a feather and makes my skin glow! I won't even bother trying another setting powder because this one works perfect! The large size container is pricey but lasts a loooong time. You really get your money's worth. Try it, you'll like it!!!