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the formula for this product is excellently made. it really smooths your hair and makes it feel less dry. its not one of those masks that require u to leave it on for 30min. after leaving it in for 5min you can rinse it out and it comes out super duper smooth. this was such a great buy!

affordable and goes on beautifully

For $3, this product is brilliant. It's pigmented and gives such a beautiful flush of colour to the face. It makes you look rosy, but not cakey. it gives u a really nice healthy glow to the skin and its not very shimmery so you can't overdo it. the only thing is though, you have to put a bit on to give you a more noticeable colour, but other than that, it's reallly great!

its aight

while it does control the oil especially the one in my t-zone, it did not give much coverage, which would be great to see in a powder... -___- also, it goes on very sheer so u would have to put it on more which results in a cakey look...

Cherries in the Glow

This lipgloss is super non-sticky and glides on so nicely! The shade is a deep red, almost jewel-toned but it is sheer enough to not overwhelm your lips with too much red, but it gives a classy pop of colour :)

i absolutely love this lip balm! all other chap sticks ironically made my lips even MORE chapped. this is the first lip balm that moisturizes my lips throughout the day! its sooo worth every penny! im definitely going to buy this again and again! and the packaging is supppperr cute and it smells amazing! the only thing is, it isn't so portable, i can't put in my pocket- i'd always have to bring a purse, but i still love it!

BY FAR, THE BEST POWDER I HAVE USED! i got mine on sale for only $12! it works so well, gives such a nice matte finish, and you can use a little to go a long way! i definitely recommend this to everyone to try!

I got this product on my birthday, when sephora does those beauty insider things. I absolutely love this eyeliner! Especially in the shade shown above! It really makes your eyes pop! It lasts all day too!

I was really surprised as to how good these nail polishes work. For $2.80, they are very chip-resistant, give a glorious finish, and the colours are extra vibrant. This is definitely worth every penny!

These last so long, which is amazing! You don't have to go out and buy another one for another 6 months! It goes on really well for your waterline, and it doesnt go anywhere! it stays in place! But it doesnt work so well for your tightline, avon's eye liner pencils work better for that.

Even if avon isn't a brand name, the nail polishes work so well! It isn't thick or runny, but it gives such a nice shine to your nails. it is also very chip-resistant and super affordable.

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