K-PAK Intense Hydrator


Cecilia C.
From dead and dry to silky soft

I was silly and bleached my hair two or three times in the one day. Loads of breakage and my hair was frizzy and felt like straw! (I really wanted that blonde, I guess) I went to get a treatment and my hair dresser recommended that for a month or so I use this with a hot towel and leave in for 20 minutes every second or third day. My hair looks and feels so much nicer now, amazing treatment! It's definitely given me the confidence to try more of the line; I can't wait to start my K-PAK collection, really!

Katie V.

This product always moisturizes my hair, and leaves it feeling so manageable and healthy! Especially when paired with the whole line, I feel like that is when it works the best! I liked using this as my regualr conditioner for a while (I only washed a couple of times a week), wouldnt reccomend any more than that-it could make your hair heavy! But overall, a great condiitioner, especially if you have dry or damaged hair!

Lindsay C.
Better than the original

As a professional hairstylist, I get to use all sorts of these goodies! I used to keep a bottle of their original protein reconstructor in the shower, but this I'll grab again! Especially helpful since I've gone blonde again, this really moisturizes and softens, without weighing fragile hair down. I use it about twice a week, and love the smell!

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Luna V.

Hopefully, you've never put your hair in the places mine has been: stripped bare, completely lacking any integrity, snapping and breaking left and right. But even if you haven't, the Joico K-PAK system is a miracle. This hydrating conditioner is incredibly moisturizing, leaving dry hair smooth, silky, and soft. Used in conjunction with the Deep Penetrating Reconstructor, you're left with stronger, healthier-looking hair in as little as 20 minutes. I prefer to let this sit for a while longer--I'll apply it to damp hair, cap it, and then work or write for a while and rinse out later.

Sharmaine D.

the formula for this product is excellently made. it really smooths your hair and makes it feel less dry. its not one of those masks that require u to leave it on for 30min. after leaving it in for 5min you can rinse it out and it comes out super duper smooth. this was such a great buy!