Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

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Cece T.

So, this shade is perfect for a natural look with a pretty pink sheen. This is suitable for school, work and a party as it is sheer but has a light tint of pink. It us non-sticky and one if my favourited

Jessica M.
Best lipgloss ever!!!

This is my favorite revlon lip product, and the best lipgloss I've ever used. It's super creamy, doesn't run all over the place and doesn't feel heavy or sticky, plus it lasts a while and packs a good punch of color.

Jennifer N.

not seriously into makeup but when I find a product that is perfect for me ive got to talk about it! the colours are subtle but shimmery enough to stand out! big fan of Revlon?

Fanni M.
One of my favorite products from Revlon

It is such an amazing lipgloss! Goes on smoothly, has a great color pay off and thick consistency. It is affordable and the shades are all beautiful. I love it!!

Viola M.

this is one of the best glosses on the market. an easy rival to my Chanel gloss. The colors pop and such a creamy smooth application. The casing is charming and easily fits in my cosmetics bag.

Vanessa W.

Amazing. My HG gloss. I love this more than my MAC, tarte, philosophy, and nars. Great staying time (about 1 1/2 hrs) and the colour selection is fab. The price is around $7 which is more than reasonable for me. This is def my fav product from Revlon!

Dinah D.

I have to say this is a really great gloss. It has a thick consistency, lasts all day, and this shade is a beautiful color. It's also affordable; everything I could ask for in a gloss! <3

Natty G.
Very good drugstore lipgloss!!

i bought this lipgloss last week. When i apply it on my hand, its quite coral color. But once i applied it on my lips, the color would b like wow really beautiful peachy pink ( even though its not in coral shade on my lips at all) plus its not sticky formula, i really love that. The only thing that i dont like is that it cannot last for a long time( maybe only 2-3 hours and i gotta re-apply it after having meal).

Asha M.

I bought this on whim when i was at rite aid. i though it wouldve been nice to put over just enough buff(also by revlon,the lipstick) and it was perfect! i can also wear this alone and it looks amazing! its the perfect nude lipstick, a perfect dupe for viva glam gaga 2! i used to use concealer and clear lipgloss to get the perfect nude lip,but now i dont have to! i have to stock up on these!

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Yolanda N.

I have it in pink afterglow, it is very good, pretty and shinny, taste ok, and smells nice. Just a tinny bit sticky but it doesn´t bother me at all.