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Nano Eyeliner


Danielle V.

Really love these eyeliners! I have two, in the shades pearl beige and plum. Pearl beige works really well on the waterline and inner corner, while plum looks good along the lashlines. Just wish you didn't have to buy a separate sharpener!

Joanna M.
Pretty good!

I bought this because I needed to spend a couple extra bucks to get free shipping, and this was the cheapest thing on Sephora's website. I bought the white one, and I don't really have any issues with it being too hard or anything, plus it lasts a long time. My only complaint would be that it's so tiny! I may or may not buy another white one sometime, but this is definitely a product I can live without.

Victoria D.

I got these in a makeup swap with someone, I was excited to get some colors I didn't really have any of, but they are so hard! I have to warm it up on the back of my hand, or deal with pressing on my waterline to get any color pay off. I wouldn't purchase these!

Jaime C.
Simple and great!

Ran into a Sephora very last-minute on the 4th of July looking for a bright blue liner to accompany my bright blue, sparkly eyeshadow. This mini pencil was five bucks and a great steal. It lasted all night. Will definitely be purchasing more colors.

Ashley S.
Love it!

I got this liner in the sephora store a couple days ago. I just got the one in black to try it out and i love it. Its my new favorite liner. it goes on VERY smooth and its a very dark black. The first day i wore it i didnt set it with a black eyeshadow and it was still really long lasting. The next day i did because i was going to be wearing it longer so i wanted to make sure it stayed. I have no complaints about this pencil. Its very inexpensive only 5.00. Im def. going to be purchasing more of these soon.

Emmie S.
Photo of product included with review by Emmie S.

I picked up two of these in blue jeans and silver green. The picture is silver green. It may be an old formula, but I found them rather lacking in pigmentation, bu they did glide on nicely.

Katters D.
Favorite true black eyeliner

It's creamy without being oily. I made the decision to stop tugging my eyelids when I turned 18 and this eyeliner is so smooth you can put it on neatly without any pull. It's not greasy at all , but has enough move if you want to smudge. It's also on sale 10 months out of the year and worth the buy !

Rhonda H.

I actually got this one in a set with other products, but it's become a favorite. It goes on smoothly, and has great pigmentation. It lasts a long time, even longer if I set it with a similar shade in shadow. I use it as a liner or for shading along the lash lines.

Nadia N.

My friend got me a set of these for my birthday and they are great! I use them as an eyeliner and the are great as eye shadow bases under my UDPP. I also like lining a neutral eye with a pop of color on the liner. They do last long too but not so much on the waterline unfortunately.

Sharmaine D.

I got this product on my birthday, when sephora does those beauty insider things. I absolutely love this eyeliner! Especially in the shade shown above! It really makes your eyes pop! It lasts all day too!